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Destiny 2’s new environment will dynamically react to your playstyle

Bungie revealed all of the Destiny 2 features you can expect to come with The Final Shape, and one of them is a mind-boggling reactive environment.

Destiny 2 dynamic environment: a woman with no hair wearing a black and green jacket held together with a golden medal stares ahead, a stern look on her face

Destiny 2 is one of the most influential space games, featuring multiplayer gameplay and a deeply immersive story. If you’ve found yourself lost within Bungie’s chaotic, whimsical world, then you know just how much content Destiny 2 carries. During a recent showcase, Bungie revealed a variety of upcoming features from The Final Shape, bringing even more depth to the expansive game. From an incredibly personal story to a dynamic environment that responds to the player’s history, the developer is packing a huge release.

Introducing The Final Shape as a “very personal journey,” Bungie discussed the ins and outs of its environment. Players will journey into “a fraction” of the Traveler itself, in a new zone known as ‘The Pale Heart.’ Developers describe The Pale Heart as “weird,” and “a little strange.” The Witness entered the new environment before any Guardian could, affecting how it appears.

Bungie detailed what happens once a Guardian does follow, saying, “When our Guardian enters, the rest of The Pale Heart starts getting shaped also around what we’ve experienced.” In other words, The Pale Heart is entirely reactive to its inhabitants, whether those be the Witness or a player’s Guardian. “This is the Traveler recreating the world in front of you as it saw in your journey.”

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Despite Bungie describing The Pale Heart as “the very first linear destination we’ve ever done,” it feels like it’s anything but linear. The new environment takes players through a “beautiful evolution,” where they’ll notice things becoming “more and more wrong.” While a bit unsettling, the idea of such a dynamic environment is almost surreal.

Honestly, I can’t think of a better way to make a video game setting more immersive than to shape it around a player and their experience. This has to be one of the coolest ways to wrap up an in-game saga to date. Bungie described The Final Shape as a “labor of love,” stating that it “means so much to everyone building it.”

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