Players have found a new exotic weapon in the Destiny 2 Shadowkeep PAX demo

Divinity is an exotic trace rifle with a very large magazine and mysterious perks.

Bungie is at PAX in Seattle this weekend, showing off the upcoming Shadowkeep expansion for Destiny 2. While checking out the demo, it seems players have come across a brand new exotic weapon, a trace rifle called Divinity.

Divinity runs on green special ammo, and has high range and stability. It also has a 194-round magazine and shoots at 1,000 rpm, which is in keeping with trace rifle tradition at this point. Its perk, Judgment, creates a field around its target after sustained damage. The field weakens and disrupts the target, making them more vulnerable to damage from kinetic weapons. You can see photos a fan took at the Destiny 2 booth over on the subreddit.

Divinity has stats in line with the other trace rifles in the game, which are all exotic weapons. There’s Coldheart, which fires a frozen beam that does increased damage over time, and Prometheus Lens, the Heat Miser variant that Bungie had to nerf into oblivion after it completely broke the Crucible. The third trace rifle is Wavesplitter, which has been a PlayStation 4 exclusive weapon but will make its way to other platforms next month.

All trace rifles fire a ‘beam’ of some kind with very low impact but extremely high rate of fire. Depending on the weapon, these beams cause some knock-on effect over time, and it’s unclear right now how exactly that will work with Divinity, since the images shared on Reddit don’t include the text of its second perk, Penance.

New Exotic Trace Rifle, Divinity. Found in Black Garden collection at PAX West demo. from r/DestinyTheGame

Redditor u/tehr0b says they found the exotic along with the new raid Hunter armor set in the Black Garden collection in the Destiny 2 PAX West floor demo. The pieces all have religiously-themed names, such as Cowl of Righteousness and Vest of Transcendence.

Speaking of transcendence though, now is a good time to make sure you’re set up to migrate from to Steam for the Shadowkeep release date, which is right around the corner.