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Destiny 2 Grandmaster Nightfalls return soon, so get ready to grind

Destiny 2 Grandmaster Nightfalls return next week with the FPS game's weekly reset, so get ready to grind for some of Bungie's best weapons.

Destiny 2 Grandmaster Nightfalls return today, so get ready to grind: A Guardian aims their bow in Lightfall.

4-5-2023 The original version of this story jumped the gun in suggesting Grandmaster Nightfalls returned on April 4, as they’re actually set to return on April 11. The source we referenced regarding the date was incorrect, and the story has been edited and corrected accordingly.

The Destiny 2 Grandmaster Nightfalls return next week in the FPS game with the weekly reset, marking the halfway point of the season and giving players yet another reason to log in to explore some of the game’s most difficult content, along with the chance to earn Destiny 2 Nightfall weapons with Adept perks.

This is the first round of Grandmaster Nightfalls since difficulty scaling increased when Lightfall launched in late February; though Bungie recently slightly scaled back the game’s difficulty in response to player complaints.

However challenging they may have been, players can expect these Grandmaster Nightfalls to be slightly easier once Bungie’s midseason patch rolls out. The patch promises to boost primary weapons in PvE, including auto rifles, pulse rifles, hand cannons, sidearms, and scout rifles.

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Grandmaster Nightfalls offer an added spin on the Nightfall experience, making them particularly challenging for most average players. Such Nightfalls also include highly challenging enemies and also include modifiers that can cause enemy attacks to do more damage.

With Bungie’s recent upgrades to strikes such as The Arms Dealer and the inclusion of the recent Mars Heist: Battlegrounds, a notably difficult mission on its own, players can expect such Grandmaster Nightfall activities to be incredibly challenging.

Completing Grandmaster Nightfalls is a requirement for some Destiny 2 Triumphs, and completing them also grants players the highest chance to earn an Adept version of that week’s Nightfall weapon. Adept weapons contain an extra perk slot and have increased stats when Masterworked, making them among the best weapons in the game.

This week, players will also again have a chance to partake in Destiny 2 Iron Banner, which, as of this season, takes place three times a season rather than two, as it has been for several seasons prior to Destiny 2 season 20.

Destiny 2 Grandmaster Nightfalls return today, so get ready to grind: A Cabal boss stands tall and ready to fight.

Although the Lightfall expansion has earned mixed critical reception, players continue to play the game due to Destiny 2’s focus on continuously adding and updating content regularly. However, with the news that the game will not be increasing its character power cap for next season, some players have suggested that Bungie no longer needs to pause Grandmaster Nightfalls until the middle of the season as it has for some time, simply because players no longer have to work to actively achieve the higher power level requirement necessary to complete them.

Bungie outlined its midseason weapon balance changes in last week’s This Week at Bungie (TWAB) series blog post. Though the season is halfway over, players still have plenty of time to obtain Destiny 2 Lightfall Exotics, which can help them grind through the multiplayer game‘s Grandmaster Nightfalls and other challenging content.

If you’re looking to try your hand at some of the shooter’s more difficult challenges, you’ll probably need help with your Destiny 2 classes and Destiny 2 builds, and we’ve got you covered.