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Destiny 2 Guardian Rank endgame tasks to be retroactive in new fix

Some Destiny 2 Guardian Rank endgame tasks will be retroactive with a fix as Bungie says the FPS game's failure to count previous completions was unintended.

Destiny 2 Guardian Rank endgame tasks to be retroactive in new fix: A Guardian looks head-on in the Root of Nightmares raid.

Destiny 2 Guardian Rank objectives regarding solo and Master raid and dungeon content will be applied retroactively as of next week, according to Bungie. This means Destiny 2 players who have made progress toward these Guardian Rank objectives at any point in the past will now see that counted toward their Destiny 2 Guardian Ranks. The fix is sure to please Guardians who worked hard to solo dungeon content or complete Master raids, as they won’t need to start from scratch for these activities to count toward their ranks in Bungie’s popular FPS game.

“Solo and Master dungeon/raid completions not being retroactive for Guardian Rank 11 is not intended! We have a fix for this in our midseason update which is currently scheduled for next week. It will be retroactive, so you won’t need to complete the objective again,” a tweet from Destiny 2 Team, Bungie’s official Destiny 2 community management Twitter account, says.

Destiny 2 Guardian Rank endgame tasks to be retroactive in new fix: The Root of Nightmares backdrop.

The team adds further detail in a subsequent tweet to explain how players can claim credit for previously completed objectives. “Just make sure you claim the Triumph for your solo/Master completions when the update goes live,” the follow-up tweet reads.

Introduced with Lightfall, Guardian Ranks grant a progress number visible to other players, which is intended to show a Guardian’s dedication and experience with the multiplayer game. Players must complete a series of progressively more challenging objectives to rank up, topping out at rank 12 to show demonstrated mastery of the game.

The official Bungie Help Twitter account also announced changes to Guardian Rank scoring, which the team has already implemented. These objectives are now set to the following:

  • Legend Score: 115,000 (was 130,000)
  • Nightfall Score: 180,000 (was 200,000)
  • Scoring Grandmaster: 210,000 (was 230,000)

The development team also increased the game’s Lake of Shadows strike score multiplier to 1.0x, making reaching the score threshold needed to complete these objectives easier.

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Bungie’s tweet regarding the retroactive applications did not say when exactly the update will occur next week. However, such major pushes often happen as part of the game’s weekly reset, which takes place on Tuesdays. In a recent post as part of its This Week at Bungie blog series, Bungie also announced several other forthcoming mid-season changes, including improvements to some primary weapons and weapon archetypes, as well as changes to several Exotic weapons.

If you’re hoping to complete Master raid or solo dungeon content to increase your Guardian Rank, you’ll want to see our Destiny 2 Spire of the Watcher dungeon guide and our Destiny 2 Root of Nightmares raid guide for insights that will help you conquer these endgame activities.