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Destiny 2 Downfall mission walkthrough

Tasked with assaulting Calus’s ship, the Destiny 2 Lightfall Downfall mission can be extremely tough, even with a fire team. Here’s how to complete it.

Destiny 2 Lightfall Downfall: a huge, grotesque creature, adorned in gold

The Destiny 2 Downfall mission in Lightfall is a tough one; infiltrating a Cabal flagship has its difficulties, and things can go south at the drop of a hat. It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the Cabal forces if you aren’t constantly thinning the herd, especially if you’re playing the campaign on legendary difficulty.

The Destiny 2 Downfall mission sees you approach the flagship from the streets of Neomura, take on any and all Cabal that are unfortunate enough to be in your way, and find your way to the centre of Calus’s nigh-on impenetrable fortress in Destiny 2. This mission in the free PC game adds raid wipe mechanics if you’re tackling it on a higher difficulty, which makes the final section extremely difficult if you aren’t careful – though our guide to the best Destiny 2 builds will help. Here’s how to complete the Destiny 2 Lightfall Downfall mission.

Destiny 2 Lightfall Downfall: a person riding a hoverbike flies through the air in a futuristic city

Get to the Typhon Imperator

Your first task is the make your way over to the Typhon Imperator, Calus’s flagship that is located in the eastern section of Neomura. The Neptunain city streets are tight, but you can still use your sparrow to get around, just make sure you don’t take a corner too late and wind up in the abyss.

When you get close to the gargantuan ship, Cabal will spawn around you, and if you’re playing on legendary difficulty, your ability to spawn will be limited. Ensure that you’re destroying any tech packs dropped by the Cabal on death, as these buff nearby enemies if left alone. Once you’ve dispatched every enemy, make your way inside the ship.

Traverse the depths of the ship

The next few sections are a mixture of light jumping puzzles interspersed with small gunfights. These aren’t difficult, although be wary of packs of Warhounds that rush you – they can kill you quickly if you’re caught unaware.

Destiny 2 Lightfall Downfall; three soldiers aim their futuristic weapons at an open door

Overload the conduits

You will eventually come to a large hangar, lined with Cabal ships. It’s vital for the safety of Neomuna that these ships aren’t able to take off, so overloading the conduits inside this room is your next objective.

As you enter the hanger, there are two platforms in view; the one on the right is how you activate an orb, and where that orb ultimately has to end up. The platform on the left is where the orb appears after activation.

Stand on the right-hand platform, wait for the orb to appear, then carry the orb back to your starting place. While this task is being performed, there will be a lot of Cabal, and Taken, spawning into the arena. Thin the hordes using your primary; try to keep your heavy ammo and super energy for what comes next.

Defeat the Tormentor

Once the conduits have been overloaded, you’re faced with a Tormentor – a rather large, absurdly nimble killing machine armed with a scythe and a bad attitude. If you’re playing in a fire team, this boss battle is a case of juggling the Tormentor’s aggro, ensuring that nobody takes too much punishment at once. If you’re alone, keep moving, and use cover against their looping purple energy attacks.

The Tormentor has a weak spot on their chest, so unload whatever supers you have, and demolish the cloaked menace as quickly as possible so they don’t relieve you of your limbs. Once they’re down, enjoy the shower of loot and head through the doorway.

Destiny 2 Lightfall Downfall: a huge circular room houses a futuristic obelisk

Destroy the Radial Mast

After another brief jumping stint, you’ll enter a huge, circular room, with a strange obelisk in the centre. Those with a keen eye will notice it’s the same type of equipment that’s been suppressing your power at various parts of the story so far. It’s called the Radial Mast, and you have to destroy it.

This works in the same way as overloading the conduits; there are orbs that appear that need to be placed into their corresponding artifact. The issue here is that there are a lot of difficult enemies, both Cabal and Taken, and with your own respawning being restricted, things can go south very quickly.

Take this encounter slowly, clear the enemies in the centre of the area with a scout, or sniper rifle, and if you need some breathing space, use the high platforms on the outer edge.

Destiny 2 Lightfall Downfall: a person riding a hoverbike moves at breakneck speed down a narrow gully


Once both orbs have been deposited, your objective changes to ‘clear the colosseum’. Kill everything in sight, at which point a huge Cabal will appear, and will be immune to all damage. Follow the coordinates on screen, jump on your Sparrow, and haul it to the exit, avoiding the Taken traps along the way.

You did it! That’s how to complete the Destiny 2 Lightfall Downfall mission. You’re nearly halfway through the Lightfall mission list and should be feeling pretty good about the new Strand subclass. The Lightfall raid isn’t far off, so ensure you’re collecting every Destiny 2 Lightfall exotic so you’re fully prepared for what will be the most difficult challenge yet.