Destiny 2 Lightfall soft cap guide and how to hit it

Hitting the Destiny 2 Lightfall soft cap will put you in great stead for undertaking the game’s tougher challenges, here’s how to reach that level of power.

Destiny 2 Lightfall soft cap: a man dressed in egyptian garb

If you’re wondering how to hit the Destiny 2 Lightfall soft cap, or aren’t even sure what the power cap is, we’ve got you. Every piece of gear and weaponry you equip in Destiny 2 has a power level – a number that denotes how powerful that piece of equipment is. Your overall power level is an average of all of your equipped items and indicates just how strong you are currently.

There are challenges in the free PC game require a certain power level in order to be possible; if you’re too low, the enemies will shrug your attacks off like they’re nothing, even if you’re using one of the new Lightfall exotics. The ‘soft cap’ is the first tier of power level you’re looking to reach in Destiny 2, and is a great platform so you can start thinking about the upcoming Lightfall raid.

How to reach the Lightfall soft cap

To go into further depth, the soft cap is the level at which rare gear stops increasing in power. The soft cap in Destiny 2 Lightfall is 1750 power, so when you reach this, any rare gear that drops will not improve your loadout at all. After this, you’ll be relying on legendary, or exotic gear to improve your power level.

The most efficient way of reaching the soft cap in Lightfall is to play through the campaign on legendary difficulty. This is a challenge, no doubt, but you will eventually be awarded gear that comes in at 1770 power – a full 20 over the soft cap. Running strikes and legendary lost sectors will also reward you with legendary gear that improves your current power level, just note that any rare gear is nigh-on useless once you hit a 1750 power.

There you have it, that’s how to reach the soft cap in Destiny 2 Lightfall. If you’re struggling with the legendary mission list, take a look at our best Destiny 2 builds here, and don’t forget to infuse your favourite weapons with those of a high power level – no use in having a shiny Gjallarhorn in your inventory if it’s too weak to use.