Your PC gaming weekend: win a game, catch up with Destiny 2, play The Surge and more!

pc gaming weekend

The first five days after the weekend are always the hardest, so do yourself a favour and eke as much PC gaming goodness out of the coming couple of days as possible. That’s where we come in, with our PC gaming weekend post brimming with things to read, games to play and competitions to take part in. Because we love you.

Our coverage of all the latest PC games news never ends, unlike weekends.

Some will elect to use their weekend productively, catching up on some work or fixing up the house. Others will head out into the great outdoors, whether that’s for a relaxing stroll or a challenging hike. Us? We’ll be playing videogames of course: lots of videogames. Obviously, our plan for the weekend might differ from yours, but if it doesn’t then the following selection of news, features, reviews and game keys should help you fill the impending 48 hours.

Win a copy ofSlime-san Deluxe Edition – we’ve got 120 copies to give away!

Quick! Enter this competition before another Steam sale comes along to bloat your library further. We’re giving away 120 copies of Slime-san, a quirky platformer where you play as a blob of slime trying to make it in a worm’s body. These aren’t just any game keys either, these are Deluxe Editions of the game, which come with a free copy of the game’s soundtrack. Based on that description, it’s gotta be worth a listen. Follow the link above for entry details.

Or, win a key for the SpellForce 3 multiplayer beta – There are 10,000 up for grabs!

If the above comp isn’t your cup of the proverbial, and even if it is, we’ve got another slice of free gaming action for you in the form of 10,000 keys to SpellForce 3’s multiplayer beta. If RTS and RPG mechanics set in a high fantasy world of humans, elves, and orcs sounds good to you then follow the link above, get your key, and jump into the beta.

Check out our hands-on impressions of Destiny 2

Thursday night was a blur of Destiny 2 goodness, and sure enough we’ve got heaps of coverage for you to sift through on the matter. The key part is that we got to play the ruddy thing. Great gunplay, buckets of PvE and PvP content, and a searing sense of pace – we’re impressed, if you can’t tell.

Get to know PlayerUnknown

Four years of battle royale games have flown by, so we thought we’d talk to the man responsible for the genre. Find out what’s on the horizon for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and how Brendan Greene went from bedroom modder to the creative director of a game that sold two million copies in a single month.

Read our The Surge PC review

Dusted yourself off from the last slice of Dark Souls 3 DLC? The Surge might not have gothic fantasy on its side, but its combat, level design, and RPG systems are certainly worth your attention.

Find out why Tyranny struggled to sell

After the success of Pillars of Eternity, Tyranny looked set to capture the hearts of old-school RPG fans and gaming hipsters alike, but it didn’t exactly sell as well as Paradox had hoped it would. We chat to the publishers to find out why.

Check out our Endless Space 2 review

We’ve all dreamed about slipping the surly bonds of Earth to explore the great beyond. Few are ambitious enough to add extraterrestrial colonialism to that dream. That’s what Endless Space 2 is for, a 4X space game for those who dream of one day possessing some of the following titles: admiral, high emperor, star destroyer, intergalactic serf… you get the idea.

Discover how Cities: Skylines was almost a political sim

Cities: Skylines Mass Transit

Before Paradox were a behemoth publishing house, there was a tiny Finnish studio that excelled at making public transport simulations. Their next game was Cities: Skylines, which was so successful it seized the city-builder crown from SimCity – but it was almost a political sim. Here’s the story behind Colossal Order’s triumphant city-builder.

Meet DayZ’s Dean Hall and his upcoming space game Stationeers

It’s perhaps no surprise that the creator of the original DayZ mod and an upcoming survival game set aboard a space station is a survival obsessive. He’s even climbed Mount Everest. We talk Early Access, DayZ, and past failures with Dean Hall.

Learn how to science the shit out of Surviving Mars

The survival genre has been waiting for a big publisher to come along and blow the doors off; Paradox are hoping they can be that publisher. Their hopeful is Surviving Mars, a plucky Martian adventure about finding scientific solutions to deadly scenarios.

See how Dungeons & Dragons defined PC gaming

Pen and papers at the ready for this one: can you think of five ways in which Dungeons & Dragons defined PC gaming? No? Not to worry, we enlisted the help of a pro dungeon master to do it for you.

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And that’s everything from us this weekend. Not really, there’ll still be loads more PC gaming news, reviews and features over on the homepage. Regardless, have a great weekend and check back regularly for all the latest from us.