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Destiny 2 Revision Zero holders unlock Sparrow with exploit

Destiny 2 Revision Zero holders have bypassed a time-gating feature to earn a Sparrow reward for shooting all of the security drones throughout the game world

Destiny 2 Revision Zero holders unlock Sparrow with exploit: A Guaridan uses the Revision Zero in combat.

Destiny 2 Revision Zero holders are using an exploit to bypass a time-gating feature that should prevent them from shooting all 50 of the game’s newly-introduced security drones. The exploit allows them to earn an exotic Sparrow seemingly in advance of the developers’ intention, as the game appears to limit player access to some in-game areas where they can find these drones.

The Destiny 2 Revision Zero exotic quest dropped this week for all Destiny 2 season 19 pass holders. The new pulse rifle features shield-piercing rounds, which are meant to break the shields of the game’s powerful barrier champions. However, upon earning the weapon from the exotic quest, players quickly realised they could use the gun to shoot security drones that have recently appeared around the map.

Players worked out that shooting all 50 drones with Revision Zero would unlock a seasonal Triumph and, in turn, a reward: the new exotic Sparrow. However, Bungie hid some of the drones in areas the team intended to be inaccessible to players until later in the season. Destiny 2 developers will sometimes time-gate content to tease activities and ensure a steady release of new activities throughout the season in the live-service FPS game.

But Guardians quickly found a workaround. A Destiny 2 laser trick allowing players to bypass doorway traps, along with ricochet rounds on the Revision Zero, makes it possible for players to reach otherwise inaccessible areas to shoot the hidden drones.

Destiny YouTuber Jarv shows players how to use the laser trap exploit to access a forbidden area to shoot one of them.

Shooting all 50 grants players a new Sparrow called Archangel’s Refit. While it’s a unique-looking Sparrow, it’s perhaps more exciting to players to unlock a Triumph that the game’s time-gating measures should otherwise block.

Bungie was recently the subject of criticism from players after a developer suggested that the difficulty of hiding secrets from dataminers is part of the reason the game seems to be relatively sparse on large, community-driven secrets such as the Whisper of the Worm Quest. However, Bungie later clarified its statement to suggest the game had incorporated several secrets into its newest season. The drone-shooting challenge seems to be one of these, as it’s not listed as a quest and is simply an additional challenge players can complete in addition to the game’s seasonal content.

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