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Destiny 2’s Trials of Osiris has been cancelled for another week

Bungie says it's due to a "recently discovered issue"

A Destiny 2 warlock in Trials of Osiris armor

November 27, 2020 Bungie has announced that Trials of Osiris has been postponed for another week.

After a two-week delay, Destiny 2 players were eager to jump into the space game’s weekly Trials of Osiris tournament. Sadly, they’re going to have to wait, as Bungie has announced that a new issue has been discovered and that the tournament has once again been called off.

While it’s hard to say what that the original issue was for sure, Destiny 2 players did discover a glitch that gives Stasis Warlocks infinite super. At a glance, the way it works is quite similar to the Dawnblade exploit that was kicking about a while ago, as it allows you to extend your super indefinitely with the help of some button timing.

Another explanation could be the general state of the Crucible right now. Since Beyond Light has come out, players have taken to Twitter and Reddit to air grievances that the Stasis subclasses are quite strong. The short of it is that lots of abilities freeze you in place, which plenty believe to be tad excessive and annoying to play against.

Bungie has also disabled a few other guns in the first week of Beyond Light. Witherhoard was providing some odd visual glitches, while The Rose hand cannon was firing at 150 rounds-per-minute instead of 140. Players also found a way to hit Destiny 2 Beyond Light’s soft cap in one hour, but Bungie has been on top of that one, too.

Trials of Osiris was originally scheduled to return November 27, but shortly after it opened, Bungie said it was calling the tournament off again, thanks to another problem that had arisen. The developer hasn’t said what the issue is, or when Trials of Osiris will return.

Players are speculating that this is likely due to a bug with The Lament, an exotic sword, or one that seems to allow Titans to become invisible by swapping weapons after using a sword and then using the Stasis melee ability. Whatever the case, we’ll have to wait a while longer before Trials returns.

The Crucible seems a bit chaotic right now, but that’s all the more reason to enjoy it until Bungie tweaks whatever it’s working on. If you’re looking for something else, though, we have guides on Destiny 2’s Deep Stone Crypt raid and where to find Destiny 2’s Perdition Lost Sector – the latter is quite a nice place to hide out right now we reckon.