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Destiny 2 exploit lets players craft overpowered weapons

Bungie has just revealed a Destiny 2 bug allowing players to tear through bosses with overpowered weapons has been flagged, with a fix incoming.

Destiny 2 weapon exploit: A person stands among green flames, their hands up before them and their head tilted upwards

Destiny 2 is one of the most unique space games around, offering a multiplayer experience among the stars. With steady content updates and expansions, Bungie has kept its interstellar experience alive over the years with a dedicated community always in search of new gameplay and lore. With a game as popular as Destiny 2, bugs and exploits are sure to pop up here and there. The most recent one is a weapon exploit allowing you to absolutely demolish bosses with overpowered perks.

The game-breaking issue, or buff for those of you testing it out, sees exotic weapon perks go to legendary weapons. As a result, players with said weapons deal increased damage. The bug currently works on craftable exotic weapons such as the Dead Man’s Tale and doesn’t work on weapons that were previously crafted.

“We’re aware of an issue that allows specific weapon perks to be crafted into other legendary weapons and are investigating a fix,” the developer writes, “which will result in these weapons being reset in the future.” Bungie also states that there are currently no plans to disable Trials of Osiris amid the exploit.

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You don’t need to worry about catching a ban or punishment for taking advantage of the glitch. “Per our ban policy,” the dev says in its post addressing the bug, “players who discover an exploit will not receive any in-game restriction or ban.”

Bungie hasn’t yet specified when a patch or other resolution for the bug will drop, but don’t expect to stay overpowered in-game for too long. With The Final Shape release date approaching, the developer has a fair amount of content to prepare the game for.

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