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Destiny 2 reveals new Geralt-inspired Witcher 3 crossover, coming soon

Bungie reveals that Destiny 2 is collaborating with The Witcher 3 developer CD Projekt Red for a new Geralt-inspired crossover event.

Destiny 2 is constantly evolving, with its Season of the Wish and new expansion, The Final Shape, currently coming up. Bungie releases other fun content drops between these bigger updates, too, including cosmetic crossovers and smaller patches. The behemoth developer just revealed a new collaboration event with CD Projekt Red that brings The Witcher 3 to Destiny 2, and it features some gorgeous Geralt-inspired content. This crossover launches sooner than you may think, accompanying a sale you can’t miss.

Bungie’s Destiny 2 dominates the space game genre as one of its most unique experiences, offering a multiplayer shooter with some hefty RPG qualities to boot. The lore is extensive, with new expansions and updates continuously adding to the game’s fleshed-out story. If you love good in-game fashion, then you likely appreciate Destiny’s ever-evolving sci-fi cosmetics. With frequent collaboration events such as this year’s Among Us crossover, there are often themed additions to enjoy, too.

The game’s latest crossover features some of the most aesthetically appealing content yet, with Geralt-inspired cosmetics plucked straight from the fantastical world of The Witcher 3. Bungie reveals the new collab saying, “Guardians can style themselves as monster slayers with new cosmetics inspired by Geralt of Rivia.” The developer says that the event features “armor ornaments, a Ghost shell, ship, Sparrow, emote, and finisher.”

Witcher 3 outfits from the Destiny 2 collaboration event

The upcoming Witcher 3 collab drops on Tuesday, November 28, just in time for the Destiny 2 Season of the Wish release date. Items shown so far look downright stunning, in my opinion. The crossover accompanies Bungie’s massive Savathun’s Spire of Savings sale, which launches right before the crossover on Friday, November 24, and lasts until Friday, December 1. If you participate in the sale, you’ll receive a free Darkstar emblem with any purchase.

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