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Diablo 4 adds major respec feature in 1.2.1, and a training dummy

Blizzard has just revealed some of the new Diablo 4 features coming with its 1.2.1 patch following the massive Season of Blood update.

Diablo 4 1.2.1 reveal: A woman with long black hair stands before a fireplace wearing blue robes

Diablo 4 has me unbelievably hyped right now thanks to its upcoming second season, the Season of Blood. Alongside the vampire-themed content, Blizzard is also introducing its major 1.2.0 update with a variety of class changes and new in-game features. While the patch and its accompanying season are thrilling on their own, the developer has looked even further ahead and revealed a couple of big 1.2.1 additions, like a customizable training dummy and a very highly requested respec button.

If you’ve spent some time in Diablo 4, then you may believe that the RPG game could benefit from an overhaul to its Paragon Board reallocation system. It can feel like manual labor at times having to rearrange everything on your own rather than pushing one simple button to reset the entire thing.

That manual respec system is no more in 1.2.1. Joseph Piepiora, an associate game director from Blizzard, describes the new, much easier method, confirming that it will come as a “Paragon Board respec button” and that it won’t be by board but rather act as a full reset.

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You no longer need to be a math genius to see how well your build works, either. If you’re like me and hate calculating, get ready for Diablo 4’s best addition yet – the training dummy! That’s right, 1.2.1 is adding a customizable training dummy.

In Blizzard’s recent livestream discussing the coming season and content after it, developers say the game is getting “a target dummy where you can actually practice builds” and  “test out different items.”

The dummy is in Kyovashad within a cellar, and you can actually customize it by changing it from a basic training dummy to a boss dummy or even multiple training dummies. Blizzard says you can “test out different builds” with it when it arrives and see how much damage you deal directly as the numbers pop up with each one of your attacks.

Diablo 4 training dummy types screenshot from in-game

The dev states that the “easier respecs” and training dummy system will arrive sometime “in late October” after the second season but “before BlizzCon” which is in November.

While we don’t have a specific date for 1.2.1’s arrival just yet, we do know that the Diablo 4 Season 2 release date is nearing closer and closer, which means that both patches will be right on time for the spooky season.

While you wait to learn more about 1.2.1 and its changes or features, you can look forward to the Diablo 4 Steam release which arrives alongside the Season of Blood update. For some in-game help, be sure to browse through our guide on the best Diablo 4 builds if you’re struggling to progress easily with your current character.