Diablo 4 has aim assist on PC, and it’s OP

If you've been struggling to hit your skills in Diablo 4, it turns out you can use aim assist on PC for a helping hand - perfect for taking down Uber Lilith.

Here's how to get Diablo 4's OP aim assist working on PC: A big man wearing an animal skull on his head with huge twisted horns and fur pauldrons with circular armor stands on a dreary cave background

While aim assist is often confined to console, Diablo 4 has an auto aim system embedded in its settings, letting you fire off spells and slay the RPG game‘s numerous enemies with ease. It’s especially potent when combined with Druid Shred build, showcased by Diablo 4 streamer Robin ‘Rob2628’ Steinberg.

Rob2628 (you may remember him as the first player to get to level 100 in D4) explains that the aim assist setting can be found in the ‘gameplay’ tab, where you change ‘Skill Toggle Behavior’ to ‘Toggle All.’

We see him use ‘Shred’ to transform into a werewolf and approach a group of wargs. From here, the character auto-jumps to each wolf, tearing them asunder as Steinberg raises his hands, taking them away from the keyboard. The system automatically locates the next available enemy no matter where your mouse is positioned, allowing you to tear through waves of enemies with ease.

Combining this with a poison build, he manages to easily take down uber Lilith, the game’s hardest boss. He also somehow manages to score half a billion crit during a Zenith run which, honestly, makes my puny Sorceress look like demon bait. Welp.

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The auto aim system obviously has its uses: it lets you farm when AFK, or just give your wrist a break from all of that clicking. I’d probably just use it for this purpose, though, as I’m someone who enjoys the grind and the sweet sense of victory that accompanies taking down a difficult boss by chaining skills and having fast feet.

Although, maybe I’ll set down my staff for a while to try out this Diablo 4 Druid build, because boy does that look fun. Given all of the text in Diablo 4 seems to hint at the idea Druids are the best, it feels like the writing is, quite literally, on the wall.

If you prefer to sling spells from afar or assassinate your foes, though, we have a list of all the best Diablo 4 builds for every Diablo 4 class, who we’ve also ranked from best to worst.