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Diablo 4 Astaroth boss guide and how to beat

Tips and tricks for how to defeat Diablo 4 Astaroth boss fight, including how to avoid his most powerful attacks and when you should strike back.

The imposing figure of Diablo 4 Astaroth, who has several horns, a spiked armor plated shoulder guard, and a big amber jewel sticking out of his head.

How do you beat Astaroth in Diablo 4? During the second act, you’ll meet Dorin, one of the last Horadrim, and his eager son Yorin. You’ll soon learn that Lilith intends to revive Astaroth, a demon Donan and several of his companions once defeated in battle and sealed inside a Soulstone.

However, as with most things in Diablo 4, the situation becomes bleak when Lilith finally revives Astaroth. As she slinks away, you face taking down this demon riding on top of a three-headed hellhound. This RPG game boss has many devastating attacks that can sap your health if you don’t know how to dodge them. To help you beat the Diablo 4 Astaroth boss fight, we’ve got some tips for surviving his onslaught, no matter which of the many Diablo 4 classes you use.

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Diablo 4 Astaroth move set

Here are Astaroth’s three main attack moves:

  • Staff Swing – Astaroth will swing his staff around to strike you and can drain your life in one hit.
  • Fire breathing – Astaroth will breathe out flames which scorch and damage you over time.
  • Fire balls – These searing meteors rain from above with little warning.

Diablo 4 Astaroth boss fight - be careful of his swinging attack

Diablo 4 Astaroth boss fight tips

To beat Astaroth you should:

  • Stay away from his head
  • Move constantly
  • Stay away from attack indicators
  • Dodge into and attack his rear
  • Use an Elixir of Fire Resistance

The key to beating Astaroth is to dodge into him and attack his rear as often as you can. This will help you avoid several attacks, such as the flames the hellhound can breathe out and the fiery scythe Astaroth can swing. So long as you stick relatively close to his rear, Astaroth’s attacks won’t land. He can also quickly turn around and pounce, so be sure to dodge to the side to avoid taking damage. Consider using an Elixir of Fire Resistance to mitigate as much of his fire damage as possible.

Another thing to keep an eye on is where the projectiles land. Occasionally, Astaroth will summon fiery meteors to strike the ground, leaving behind a crater filled with flames. These craters do significant damage over time, so you may wish to back off for a while and lead Astaroth to a safer space to fight him in. Eventually, after each phase, Astaroth will run away, so you can chase him down.

Diablo 4 astaroth boss fight - completing the fight will earn rare or legendary items

After the first phase, he’ll begin summoning smaller hellhounds to bite you. They’re relatively weak but serve to prolong the fight as much as possible. He soon begins to add Werewolves to the mix, which will prove to be more challenging than the regular wolves. His meteor strike attack also has more of them strike the ground, setting more of the battlefield on fire. Keep at it, though, and eventually, after a total of four life phases, you’ll bring down the demon and seal him once more. You should receive at least one Legendary item as a reward for beating him.

With these tips and some luck, you should be able to defeat the Diablo 4 Astaroth boss. Of course, having the best Diablo 4 builds, as suggested by the devs, can also help in this fight, as well as several other key encounters. Later on, you may have trouble with the Diablo 4 Lilith fight, so we have some pointers for how to slay her once and for all.