Diablo 4 beta’s world boss dominates with ten million player kills

Diablo 4 beta stats show world boss Ashava is the clear winner, snapping up almost a quarter of all player kills in the Blizzard RPG game’s free trial period.

Diablo 4 beta stats - a priest's face contorts in pain as he is attacked from behind

With the Diablo 4 beta coming to a close, Blizzard has shared some of the biggest numbers from the free test period, and world boss Ashava tops the rankings in style. With nearly 62 million hours of game time racked up and 2.6 million players getting at least one character to level 20 to earn the beta wolf pack reward, the Diablo 4 beta stats mark it clearly as the largest beta test in the history of the iconic PC RPG game series.

Blizzard reports a total of 61,560,437 hours played in the beta. In that time, players managed to defeat a staggering 29,252,746,339 monsters. However, when you break that down, that works out to just 475 monsters killed per hour – suggesting a lot of time spent immersed in the story, talking to characters, or poring over menus to deliberate that perfect build.

In that time, players also suffered a total of 46,924,644 deaths; working out to roughly 0.76 deaths per hour, or about one death every 45 minutes. Not too shabby. One particular culprit stood head and shoulders above the rest, however – physically as much as numerically. Ashava, the Diablo 4 world boss who appeared periodically at preset times during the beta, managed to rack up 10,163,397 player kills during the very short time it was active.

Diablo 4 beta stats - "Most played classes: Sorcerer & Necromancer. Total hours played: 61,560,437. Beta wolf packs earned: 2.6m. Total player deaths: 46,924,644. Total monsters killed: 29,252,746,339. Players butchered: 1,727,973. The Butcher deaths: 576,662. Player deaths by Ashava: 10,163,397. Ashava deaths: 107,426."

That makes Ashava responsible for nearly a quarter of all the player deaths in the beta – and, with only 107,426 total Ashava deaths, means the beast managed an impressive 100:1 kill-death ratio. Those stats far outstrip that of the Diablo 4 butcher, who managed to clock in a still-impressive 1,727,973 player kills with only 576,662 deaths during his surprise appearances.

Initially, Blizzard claimed that no-one had managed to solo Ashava, but a few videos have sprung up seemingly showing just that. One player who shared a video of themselves taking the mighty creature down in under three minutes, solo, on hardcore, says they disabled crossplay and went for a 7am spawn time, “hoping no-one else would be crazy enough to try to kill the world boss in hardcore so early in the morning.”

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As for the best Diablo 4 classes in the beta, two clear standouts took the crown – the sorcerer and necromancer pulled in the most, which isn’t too surprising given their incredibly strong clear potential at even low levels.

Personally I spent the most time with the rogue, and ended up really enjoying its playstyle, but even the initial slow start for the barbarian made way for players discovering pretty viable builds over time. As for the druid… a little more testing needed there, perhaps.

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