Diablo 4 mount quest and how to unlock

Here's how to unlock your first Diablo 4 mount by completing a specific quest, plus what mounts do and how you can customize and equip them.

A Diablo 4 mount known as Liath Icehowl available in the battle pass, depicted as a white horse with a thick rope bridle, with beads and coins woven into its black mane.

How do you unlock Diablo 4 mounts? These four-legged friends are the best way of getting from A to B in Sanctuary and are perfect if you’re above walking. Mounts are the fastest mode of transportation in the ARPG outside of the fast travel system, and we’re here to help you unlock them as soon as possible.

While rewarding, exploring the Diablo 4 map can eventually turn into a chore, especially if you’re grinding gear to perfect the best Diablo 4 builds. Equipping a mount cuts down your travel time, and lets you concentrate on the most important thing: killing everything in sight. Diablo 4 is one of the best PC games this year – as our Diablo 4 review details – so here’s how to unlock mounts.

Diablo 4 mounts: a ghostly horse.

How to unlock the Diablo 4 mount

In order to unlock mounts in Diablo 4, you first need to complete the quest ‘Mount: Donan’s Favor’. You receive this priority quest at the beginning of Act 4 from Donan himself, just outside of the Cathedral of Light in Kyovashad. Simply speak to Oskar the Stable Master in Kyovashad to complete the quest and receive the Diablo 4 mount.

Your first Diablo 4 mount is free, but you can purchase additional mounts from the Stable Master for 20,000 Gold. Thankfully, mounts are shared account-wide, so you never have to worry about raising the funds to purchase them for your alts.

How to use the Diablo 4 mount

You can summon your Diablo 4 mount at any point by pressing Z, and gain a temporary burst of speed using the Evade skill.

You can Evade for up to three times in quick succession before it requires a cooldown refresh, which is a boon for map exploration.

While your mount won’t receive direct damage from enemies, it can become spooked when remaining in their presence over time. Your mount’s fear is indicated by the orange meter that appears on your UI while mounted – max out this bar, and you’ll be forced to dismount. This meter’s sensitivity is directly tied to the Diablo 4 world tiers, and in our experience, it’s worth lowering it as you explore to avoid your horse becoming spooked.

Finally, each of the Diablo 4 classes has their own unique mount skill to dismount and engage enemies in a single, smooth transition from traversal to combat.

A rogue dressed in a purple armor set sits astride their Diablo 4 mount in Kyovashad, a utilitarian brown horse.

Diablo 4 mount customization

Diablo 4 mounts can be customized with Bardings and Trophies via the Stable Master, who sells a variety of cosmetics in exchange for gold.

Mount cosmetics are also available through the Diablo 4 battle pass, and even have a small chance to drop when defeating powerful Diablo 4 world bosses. Veterans of the server slam who bested Ashava are free to equip the Cry of Ashava Mount Trophy immediately – don’t forget to show it off to your pals with Diablo 4 crossplay while you’re at it.

Now you know how to unlock Diablo 4 mounts, you can begin to build your Renown by discovering Altar of Lilith locations and completing Strongholds. Be sure to stock up on potions and elixirs ahead of your journey across Sanctuary, and brush up on item rarity levels as your inventory fills up.