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All Diablo 4 emotes and how to use them

Diablo 4 emotes aren’t only important for self-expression but can help you complete a variety of quests in the RPG, here’s how they work.

Diablo character, Lilith, a horned, wingered demon woman stands holding an orange crystal.

How do you use Diablo 4 emotes? You have few means of conversation in D4, with most of your interactions ending in a torrent of blood and a shower of loot, so mastering the art of the emote is quite important in letting the world know how you feel. Emotes are also required to complete some side quests, but that isn’t as interesting.

The emote system in Diablo 4 is a versatile tool for adding a splash of personality to the proceedings and can be customized so you have your favorites to hand at all times. Our Diablo 4 review heaped praise on the RPG game, calling it a triumph, and leaving us little option other than to pick our Diablo 4 class and sink dozens of hours into toppling Lilith. Here’s every Diablo 4 emote, and how to use them if you want to add some spice to your playthrough.

A top down view of a cobbled street from Diablo 4.

All Diablo 4 emotes

Here is every emote in Diablo 4:

  • Help
  • Sorry
  • Hello
  • Thanks
  • Point
  • Yes
  • Wait
  • Wave
  • Wings of the Creator
  • Follow
  • Cheer
  • No
  • Bye
  • Taunt

As well as emotes, you can also bind consumables, and basic actions, to your wheel using the same process.

A top down view of a muddy battlefield, with a circular UI element on screen.

How to emote in Diablo 4

Using emotes in Diablo 4 depends on your control scheme. You can bring up the emote wheel by pressing ‘E’ on your keyboard, or up on the D-Pad if you’re using a controller. From there, navigate the wheel using your cursor and click on your preferred emote to activate.

To customize your emote wheels, bring up the wheel, then click on the ‘Customise’ button. You’ll be shown a list of emotes that are currently available and can add them to any segment you wish.

Now you know how to use Diablo 4 emotes, you can complete sidequests like the Secrets of the Spring, and also annoy the living hell out of any human who may cross your path. If you’re just starting out in Diablo 4, we have the best Barbarian, best Rogue, and best Necromancer builds so you know what to aim for when building your character.