Grab these free Diablo 4 cosmetics while you can, you don’t have long

There are free Diablo 4 cosmetics up for grabs, with a set of mount armor and trophies yours to claim in game - but you don’t have long.

How to claim Diablo 4 free cosmetics - A rogue wearing black leather armor with a golden choker, along with dark lipstick and heavy eyeshadow.

Diablo 4 is one of my favorite games of this year, so I’ll quite happily take some free in-game goodies to up my characters’ fashion game. Getting into the spirit of the holiday season, Blizzard is giving you some free gifts in its hellish RPG – but you’ll have to claim them manually, so be sure to do so before you miss your chance. Best of all, it’s for your horse, meaning you can take advantage of these goodies no matter which class you’re playing.

I’m actually not typically too fussed about my Diablo 4 fashion, as it’s the monster slaying and loot praying that is the real draw for me. There is one aspect of the game’s cosmetics I have been rather taken by, however, and it’s the mount armor. I know, it’s the ultimate cliché – another of the best RPGs, The Elder Scrolls Oblivion, was famously mocked for its horse armor DLC back when such cosmetic microtransactions were a relatively new concept.

Yet there’s something about decorating my in-game horse that just works. Your Diablo 4 mount is an incredibly useful tool, especially so with all the buffs it’s had in recent months to make it faster, stronger, and better at navigating minor obstacles in the environment. As such, I’m glad to keep my faithful companion safe and stylish in one fell swoop.

Maybe it’s because it’s bigger on the screen than my character, making it easier to see my fancy gear. Perhaps it’s the fact that when you’re riding your horse you typically aren’t doing much else, so you have more time to look at it. Or it might just be the fact that there’s something unquestionably satisfying about striding across Sanctuary on my decorated, noble steed. Plus, as mentioned above, a nice bonus about getting some free horse armor is that it works for all Diablo 4 classes, so you can make use of it whatever you’re playing.

Diablo 4 free horse armor - In-game screenshot of the Diablo 4 shop, showing the free Dragoon's Path bundle.

How to get free Diablo 4 horse armor

The Diablo 4 Dragoon’s Path bundle is available to claim for free via the in-game shop until December 26 at 10am PST / 1pm EST / 6pm GMT / 7pm CET. You’ll get the Penitent Dragoon mount armor, blessed by priests from the Cathedral of the Light, along with the Star of Light and Benediction of the Light mount trophies.

If you thought you’d had your fill of the Season of Blood but are jumping back in just to grab this freebie, you might want to consider sticking around – the Diablo 4 Duriel drop rates just doubled for its ultra-rare ‘uber uniques,’ courtesy of a special Blizzard update, so now’s the best chance to get your hands on that Harlequin Crest or Grandfather sword yet. Meanwhile, those of you who are reading this but haven’t actually picked up the game might want to take a look at the latest Diablo 4 sale.

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