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Diablo 4 gameplay confirms the one thing that every videogame needs

New Diablo 4 gameplay shows off enemies, dungeons, and the world of Sanctuary in Blizzard’s coming RPG game, but there’s one feature that’s truly vital.

Diablo 4 gameplay confirms the one thing that every videogame needs: A gigantic feminine demon with horns, Lilith from Blizzard RPG game Diablo 4

The new Diablo 4 gameplay footage gives us even more hope for the upcoming Blizzard RPG game. The world of Sanctuary looks fantastic. The dungeons are rich and varied. There are some terrifying new enemies. But as we head towards the Diablo 4 beta release date, more than anything, we’re relieved to see that the Overwatch 2 and World of Warcraft developer has listened to fans, and implemented the one vital feature that every videogame should have.

There are five different zones across Sanctuary, all of them partially based on real-world locations. The jagged and treacherous Fractured Peak, for example, takes visual cues from the Carpathian Mountain Range in Central Europe. Muddy, rainy Scosglen – according to Blizzard – is based around Scotland. With no loading screens, you can walk seamlessly around the entirety of Sanctuary, encountering small towns, enemy mods, and even stage bosses as you go.

Spiders have always been a mainstay of Diablo, but Diablo 4 takes the eight-legged monstrosities to whole-new levels – arachnophobes take heed. The ‘Spider Host’ is a gigantic, kind of gelatinous spider that latches onto human corpses, then charges towards you using them as a shield. After you kill it (providing you don’t flee in terror) it bursts open, spilling dozens of demonic spider babies across the floor to try and chew your legs off. “I feel slightly guilty about traumatising a lot of people,” says Diablo 4 art director John Mueller.

We also get a look at new Diablo 4 dungeons. Remember ‘By Three They Come,’ the awesome cinematic unveiled at BlizzCon 2019? Yep, that whole environment is in the game, complete with the perilous rock bridge and the inner sanctum used to summon Lilith. There’s also ‘Endless Gates,’ where each area ends with a portal, which teleports you to another, random dungeon section, so every room presents a new environment and different mobs.

It sounds fantastic, but there’s something missing. You’ve dragged yourself up Fractured Peak. You’ve swatted a swarm of Spider Hosts. You’ve beat the Endless Gates. Heading back to town, you’re desperate to relax. If only there were some fantastic way to chill out, some ideal, cuddly comfort that – by rights – should be in every videogame, regardless of genre.

“You can pet the dogs,” Diablo 4 lead quest designer Harrison Pink confirms. “So many people asked to pet the dog,” John Muller continues. “It was actually kind of hard to figure out that dang dog.” Check out the video below to see live, hardcore Diablo 4 dog petting in action.

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Get ready to enter Sanctuary with all the Diablo 4 classes. You’ll also want to know where to find the best Diablo 4 loot, as well as the Diablo 4 mythic items – though none will be as valuable as an adorable, pettable dog.