Here’s how the Diablo 4 loot system will work

Everything we know about the Diablo 4 loot system so far

Want to know how the Diablo 4 loot system will work when launch rolls around. We saw a ton of announcements at BlizzCon including the reveal of Diablo 4. We had our suspicions after a leak here or there, but finally, we witnessed Blizzard’s gory cinematic and our hearts sang with thoughts gibbing and looting. Parts of the game were playable at BlizzCon, so we’re starting to understand a little more about the world of Diablo 4 and what to expect.

Judging from the Blizzcon 2019 announcements, it seems that Blizzard is keen to sell Diablo 4 as a successor to Diablo 2, rather than Diablo 3, hence rune words making a reappearance. Diablo has always been about the loot, so it’s important we understand what’s going on with it sooner rather than later, especially as Blizzard is promising they’ll factor in feedback.

Diablo 4’s loot system is, of course, based on previous games, but there are some key differences to what you know about the levels of items, including a new tier, and a rework of set items power level compared with other legendary items. If you want to know more about the new loot system, keep on reading.

Item progression

There are some screenshots of the game floating around, including these images showing off how progression works, captured by DanGaming on Twitter:

This gives us a better idea of how loot in the game works.

Normal, magic, and rare items

These will always be the base tier items you’ll find on your journey. Normal through to magic, followed by rare, is the standard and Diablo 4 isn’t going to stray from that.

Set and legendary items

Both set and legendary items will be present in Diablo 4’s loot system and look as if they are going to be more balanced than Diablo 3’s interpretation. In the diagram, they’re presented as being side by side although sets were considered to have the edge previously. This could mean that there will be less of an emphasis on set loot in Diablo 4. Set items, in Diablo 3, were fairly necessary in endgame as wearing an entire set of legendary armour grants additional bonuses.

Ancient set and ancient legendary items

Set and legendary items with the added word ancient on top. We assume that this is just another level of power. It’s unclear if ancient sets will be compatible with ordinary sets, or vice versa, but we assume those details will be hashed out in the future.

Mythic items

This is a new tier of items to the Diablo series. Diablo 4 mythic items are better than any set or legendary items, but with the limited amount we know about the game so far, we only have one example. The Obsidian Heart mythic amulet has an eye-watering sell value of over 680k, giving just a small idea of how valuable mythic items will be. More excitingly there are four legendary effects in place on the amulet, including an extra charge on weapon master skills.

As a drawback, you can only wear one mythic item at a time. Collecting them will be a must of course, but only being able to wear one means you’ll never be immune to the horrors that await you.

Item effects

Items can and will have more than one type of buff applied to it, as we’ve seen in previous installments. These will be hinted at in the titles of the items, such as a ‘sturdy armor’ granting a damage reduction buff. Add the word furious, for example, and you get a maximum fury bonus. Simple enough to understand, and when loot is all you want to look for, then it’s a good way of scanning through valuable items – especially when it comes to constructing the best Diablo 4 builds.

The return of rune words

From some screenshots, again via DanGaming on Twitter, it looks like rune words are making a comeback from Diablo 2. Runes will come in the form of either condition runes or effect runes. Condition runes, of course, set the conditions for the effect that is tacked on. Effect runes will then tell you what happens when the condition happens. Simple enough.

Needless to say, there will be hundreds of combinations available, and trying out these rune words may shape the Diablo 4 classes beyond their abilities and skills.

That’s all we know so far, but if you want more then head to our Diablo 4 release date page. Don’t expect the launch to be any time soon, as we haven’t even got Diablo Immortal yet, but it looks like the first look at the Diablo 4 loot system has already got fans talking.