Diablo 4 hardcore pro beats its hardest boss, but to no avail

Diablo 4 hardcore player Wudijo has been attempting to beat the game’s hardest fight without cheese, and managed to bring Uber Lilith to a dramatic dead heat.

Diablo 4 hardcore Uber Lilith - the demonic Lilith looks down at you, rage and hatred bubbling in her eyes.

The hardest Diablo 4 boss fight is no joke; the super-charged showdown that players have branded ‘Uber Lilith’ is a challenge few players have even attempted in the RPG game, let alone beaten. Even after reaching level 100 and farming near-perfect rolls on the best Diablo 4 builds, bringing her down is a real test of endurance, demanding precise movement and optimal skill rotation on an ever-shrinking platform. After hundreds of attempts, one of Diablo 4’s top hardcore players manages to finally bring her down – but has to make a life-or-death decision at the last second.

Max ‘wudijo’ R. was the first player to reach level 100 while playing entirely solo in the game’s permadeath hardcore mode, where your character is deleted forever upon death. Since then, he’s had his sights set on Uber Lilith – a feat only cleared by a tiny percentage of players, many of whom achieved the feat with highly specialised loadouts custom-made for that fight alone or by exploiting bugged weapon aspects for preposterous damage.

Wudijo is able to make repeated attempts despite the permadeath caveat because of two items specific to Diablo 4 hardcore mode: the Elixir of Death Evasion lets you withstand one blow that would otherwise be fatal, and the Scroll of Escape gives you an instant teleport to safety, if you can use it in time.

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That combination might sound like it makes it easy to stay alive, but with how deadly Lilith’s attacks become it wasn’t enough to save Wudijo’s first character from her clutches – as seen in the video above, where he accidentally throws out a ‘Halt’ emote instead of using the Scroll of Escape. Lilith does not halt.

Several weeks (and characters) later, Wudijo – now several hundred attempts into perfecting the fight – is on the run. This is the one. As the music reaches its dramatic climax and the final chunks of the platform crumble underneath his feet, Wudijo unleashes his final Rapid Fire assault, bringing Lilith’s health to zero. Victory is assured… there’s just one problem.

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As Lilith convulses in her final death throes, one of her deadly wave attacks rolls towards Wudijo’s rogue. There’s nowhere to run. He’s presented with a deadly choice: eat the wave, meaning almost certain death, although he’ll probably still get the achievement for defeating the boss, or cut and run, living to fight another day. Wudijo, faced with the daunting prospect of another full level 100 grind, chooses safety.

The good news is that our story has a happy ending – just at the time of writing this story, a little over 24 hours after his above attempt, Wudijo has successfully claimed his victory over the Echo of Hatred. We love to see it.

Diablo 4 hardcore Echo of Hatred - Max 'Wudijo' smiles as he finishes the fight against the Echo of Lilith.

If you’re looking to take Uber Lilith down yourself, you’ll want to make sure you have the best Diablo 4 ancestral items first. There’s not too long until Diablo 4 season 1 begins, so – while you won’t lose your current characters upon the new season’s arrival – you might want to try and finish her off by then.