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Diablo 4’s hardest boss is already being absolutely demolished

The hardest Diablo 4 boss, the Echo of Lilith pinnacle fight, is being absolutely torn apart by some of the game’s strongest characters just weeks after launch.

Diablo 4 Uber Lilith demolished - Lilith, a pale-faced demon with giant horns, glares angrily.

The hardest Diablo 4 boss fight is its pinnacle encounter, a showdown against a super-charged version of its cover star Lilith, and it’s designed to be the ultimate test of the best Diablo 4 builds. Yet already, just two weeks after the RPG game’s full launch, the Echo of Lilith fight is being absolutely demolished by some of the top Diablo 4 players, taking the encounter down at speeds so fast it actually completely skips most of her most challenging mechanics.

The first recorded clear of ‘Uber Lilith’ – as the fight has come to be known among the community – came courtesy of Twitch streamer Rob ‘Rob2628,’ the world’s first level 100 player in Diablo 4. He was using what was at the time considered the best Barbarian build, with a particularly potent legendary affix that was scaling far above its intended levels. Since then, plenty of players have managed to put a stop to Uber Lilith, even on the permadeath Hardcore mode, but now some are finding ways to completely trivialize the fight.

A Necromancer player called ‘Norskpro’ shares a video of their best Necromancer build, which utilizes stacking bonuses against vulnerable enemies to cause massive damage with its Bone Spears, absolutely melting through both phases of the Echo of Lilith fight in under two minutes total.

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It’s an impressive feat, but plenty more Diablo 4 classes are already getting in on the action. Sergei ‘Northwar’ brings their best Sorcerer build to play, and while the setup is a little slower the payoff is even more satisfying.

This time, the culprit isn’t damage against vulnerable enemies, but rather stacking damage against staggered foes. Watching the video below, narrated by Northwar’s streaming partner Ryan ‘Raxxanterax,’ you’ll see that initially there isn’t much damage being done to Lilith’s health bar. What is climbing, however, is the yellow bar underneath her health – the one that shows when a boss is going to be staggered by repeated crowd control effects.

Upon filling up, Lilith is temporarily staggered, and as the now-blue bar ticks down, it’s a race for her health to empty first. The same is repeated for her second phase, although there’s a mandatory period where Northwar’s Sorcerer has to wait for one specific platform-shrinking mechanic to play out before the final blow can be dealt.

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Now, it’s worth noting that these builds are coming from some of the game’s most dedicated players, who have invested upwards of hundreds of hours of time into theory-crafting the optimal skill combinations and farming items with rolls as close to perfect as possible. These are the best of the best, with setups hand-tuned for the specific challenges presented here.

Nevertheless, it’ll be interesting to see whether Blizzard decides to respond to these in any way – while it’s certainly impressive to see how quickly the game’s final fight goes down, being able to entirely negate mechanics does feel a bit like it circumnavigates a lot of the challenge. Then again, perhaps that’s testament to just how strong your build is, and isn’t that really what it’s all about?

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