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Diablo 4 dev apologizes for missing XP, says “quick hotfix” is coming

Blizzard says that the team is aware of an issue with missing XP in Diablo 4 during the Mother's Blessing Week event, with a hotfix coming.

Diablo 4 missing XP: A vampiric man with long fingernails and sharp fangs stands wearing gold an red robes, his hand stretched out before him as he snarls

Diablo 4 is constantly expanding as Blizzard continues to roll out steady updates with additional content, bug fixes, and more. With an expansion and many seasons yet to come, the behemoth RPG harbors a community of dedicated fans and newcomers alike. Fans are gearing up to enjoy the game’s latest event, its recurring Mother’s Blessing Week which provides a hefty gold and XP buff. While the event has only just begun, Blizzard says it’s already aware of an issue with missing XP.

While players dive into Diablo 4‘s new Mother’s Blessing Week event for some tasty gold and XP, some fans are noticing an issue with the RPG game‘s added buff. The event is supposed to provide a 35% boost to any XP and gold players earn from monster kills, but is seemingly giving just 25% more. That’s 10% shy of the buff fans expect to see, and some have noticed.

One player known as ‘Chronikz’ on Twitter asks Blizzard directly about the issue, pointing out the missing 10% boost. The fan’s post prompted a response from Adam Fletcher, Diablo 4’s global community development director, who explains that the team is aware that the Diablo 4 bonus XP event isn’t going to plan. The developer says that the team “is working on this right now” with a “quick hotfix” underway.

Diablo 4 missing XP response from Blizzard community manager

“The tooltip may require a client patch,” Fletcher continues, “but we can get the backend all fixed up.” The upcoming hotfix will push the event boost up to the expected 35% bonus. While Fletcher doesn’t outright say when the patch will drop, he does say that it’s releasing “this afternoon” which means the missing XP bug shouldn’t affect the event’s bonuses for much longer.

Players have until Monday, November 27 to enjoy the bountiful gold and XP they gain from slaying Sanctuary’s monstrosities. This limited-time bonus should make the road to the end of the Season Journey more simple before the Abbatoir of Zir drops, and help push you through the ranks of the blood-stained season’s Battle Pass.

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