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There will be no endgame Diablo 4 beta, Blizzard confirms

While the Diablo 4 beta in March drummed up excitement for Blizzard's highly anticipated action RPG game, there are no plans for public endgame testing.

There will be no endgame Diablo 4 beta, Blizzard confirms: A tanned woman wearing a red hood with golden embellishments and armoured shoulders glares into the camera standing in church cloisters

Blizzard’s Diablo 4 beta was a resounding success, but it only let you try out the action RPG game‘s first zone, the Fractured Peaks. Having shown off Diablo 4‘s endgame content in a new video, I asked whether or not we’d be able to take the Nightmare Dungeons and other features out for a spin before release.

Before there was the Diablo 4 beta there were the closed Diablo 4 gameplay previews. Going back even further, there was the mysterious endgame beta, which was only open to those closely related to the company and a select group of die-hard fans.

Ahead of the release of Blizzard’s ‘Into the Endgame’ video, I asked associate game director Joseph Piepiora if Sanctuary’s wider population will get a sneak peek into the hell that awaits them before the game launches officially.

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“We’ve done an endgame beta in the past where we got to check out a version of the [endgame] features we’re talking about today, and we got a lot of really good feedback from that closed beta test before” he tells PCGamesN.

“Looking forward we don’t have plans for an endgame beta before the game launches, but we are continuing to do internal testing on these features as we get closer and closer to our launch date on June 6.”

While this may come as a disappointment – I too miss Diablo 4 and need my daily Lilith fix, I understand you – in many ways it makes me even more excited to complete the campaign and try out all of these new features.

I loved the beta, but given I was privileged enough to receive an invite to the early previews, the vast majority of the content was the same aside from the Necromancer and Druid. The endgame is new, shiny, and soaked in fresh blood, and I can’t wait to dive right in.

With the Diablo 4 release date on the horizon, only one question remains – which of the five Diablo 4 classes will you choose on your first run through this new and improved Sanctuary? I would recommend Rogue but, fun fact, I only play Rogue, so I am very biased.