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All Diablo 4 Stronghold locations

Diablo 4 Strongholds are areas of the overworld that are infested with enemies, but if you manage to overcome these challenges, you’ll be handsomely rewarded.

Where are all the Diablo 4 Strongholds? Wandering aimlessly around Sanctuary, you will discover one of these bastions of evil. A fortified location housing Lilith’s minions, Strongholds are one of the toughest challenges you’ll face out in the open but can reward you with high-end gear if conquered.

Diablo 4 introduces a new mechanic, Strongholds, which are similar to a dungeon, only housed in the overworld. There are intense groups of enemies, bosses, and missions to complete in the area, and completing a Stronghold will reward you with XP for your chosen pick of the five Diablo 4 classes, high-end gear to make the best Diablo 4 builds, and Renown, and will also transform the site into a new town hub, complete with vendors and side quests to complete.

Diablo 4 Strongholds explained

There are three Diablo 4 Strongholds in each of the five regions, for a total of 15. All of which contain a particular type of evil held in that corner of the map. While all Strongholds have a minimum level requirement, Diablo 4 scaling means they will always scale upwards to two levels above your character to give you that extra challenge.

As you approach a Stronghold, you’ll get a message indicating one is nearby. Once you enter, you’ll get objectives you must finish to complete the overall Stronghold quest. Doing so will give you a hefty 100 Renown but may also create a new Waypoint or attract merchants and other useful townsfolk to the newly liberated area. You may also find that some Strongholds open up new dungeons or house an Altar of Lilith for you to unlock.

Here are the Diablo 4 Strongholds locations in each region:

An old brown map detailing the location of enemy strongholds in Diablo 4.

Fractured Peak Strongholds


The Nostrava Stronghold is located to the west of Kyovashad. You’ll come up against the crazed village folk that once inhabited the area and will be tasked with destroying the Demonic Effigies that have turned the village sour. Once the effigies have been dispatched, you’ll face off against three powerful demons.

Kor Dragan

Kor Dragan is infested with the undead, with ghouls and vampires being your main opponents in this Stronghold. You’ll have to purge the area of the vampiric presence by destroying the flesh orbs dotted around the area. Once that’s done, head down into the crypt, and you’ll face off against Nilcar.


Situated east of Kyovashad, Malnok is where the Ice Clan calls home. You must find the source of the storm ravaging the area, and you’ll do that by defeating all of the Ice Clan Stormcallers. Once the storm has died down, you’ll have to take on Frosthorn.

One of the three Diablo 4 Strongholds in the Scosglen region. This one is close to a red swamp.

Scosglen Strongholds

Moordaine Lodge

Found in the eastern part of Scolsglen, it’s close to the red swamp you’ll visit during the main story. You’ll investigate the area around the lodge, trying to find the missing hunters. This will eventually summon the Beast of Moordaine, who will run away after some time. Follow the beast into its lair, then slay Fionnir the Mad Druid to complete the Stronghold.

Hope’s Light

At the very northern tip of Scolsglen, it’s on the peninsula that requires a bit of platforming to reach. Here you’ll need to find your way inside a lighthouse guarded by Drowned undead by collecting a winch and using it on a broken mast. Upon entering the building, you’ll fight Tidewitch Ne’gana before igniting the lamp at the top of the lighthouse.

Túr Dúlra

You can find this Stronghold to the far west of the region, just north of the Dry Steppes border. As you head deeper inside this Stronghold, you’ll find a tree with a Runestone. Interacting with it summons Druid Spirits who need exorcising to free their souls. Upon returning to the tree, the Infernal Tormentor will arise. Killing him frees the region.

The Rogue has completed the Diablo 4 Strongholds at the Onyx Watchtower. She is standing close to a merchant.

Dry Steppes Strongholds

The Onyx Watchtower

You can find The Onyx Watchtower southeast of the region’s main town: Ked Bardu. Here, you’ll need to fight your way through the bandits to raze their encampment and clear the way to the watchtower. You can then find and kill Captain Ezmin, who has a habit of turning invisible, all while explosives emit blinding smoke to confuse you further. Upon his death and the rekindling of the Wanderer’s Shrine, you’ll unlock some merchants and a waypoint.

Temple of Rot

The Temple of Rot is towards the south and a little bit west, close to Mersa. Make sure you bring some poison resistance with you, as monsters can inflict the deadly status condition. Approach it from the southeast before killing the monsters in The Garden, The Courtyard, and The Temple. This opens up a barrier leading into a monster’s lair. Kill it, and the spawn that shoots out of it upon death, and you’ll cleanse the area.

The Ruins of Qara-Yisu

This set of ruins is to the southeast of the Dry Steppes region. Here, you’ll need to explore the ruins and destroy three Infernal Spires. This will awaken a shaman named Utulku, who you need to defeat to complete the Stronghold.

A map of the Kehjistan region with one of the Diablo 4 Strongholds shown on the map.

Kehjistan Strongholds

Altar of Ruin

Head along the western coast to reach this Stronghold, as it’s a pain to get to. You’ll find a cavern in this Stronghold in the northwestern part of the region. Locate the Keystones and use them to unlock the Ritual Chamber. Inside is the Dark Cardinal Maldul, who you need to beat to rekindle the Wanderer’s Shrine.


From the center of Sanctuary, you can easily find this Stronghold as soon as you enter Kehjistan. Inside, you’ll need to venture deep inside, speaking with a Necromancer before slaying Rashta, the Mad Surgeon. After this, you’ll need to investigate a Witch’s lair and destroy Necrotic Masses to bring Rashta’s Simulacrums to life. Kill them all, then return to the Lair of the Witch to slay Rashta Reborn. Upon his final death, you can rekindle the shrine.

Omath’s Stronghold

In the far southern part of the Kejhistan region, this Stronghold requires you to investigate the source of some destruction in Omath’s Redoubt. Interact with the four slain locals, then interact with the ceremonial staff that appears. You’ll need to defeat High Priestess Hadar before you can complete the area’s main objective.

Hawezar Strongholds

Crusaders’ Monument

You can find this Stronghold to the north of Zabinzert, the Hawezar region’s main town. Here you’ll find a monument that will summon some undead upon examination. Kill them and exhume the graverobber’s corpse to find skulls you can feed to the Ritual Brazier to summon the Crusader Champions. You’ll need to fight a total of three to complete the Stronghold.


This Stronghold is the one in the middle of the swamp. While here, you’ll need to explore the area to find and destroy some Serpent’s Eyes. This opens up the Serpent’s Eye door, which is filled with murderous cultists. You’ll then need to venture further until you find Dianthus, who needs killing to complete the Stronghold.

Eriman’s Pyre

Found in the northern part of Hawezar, this Stronghold is actually a burning village. Speak with the ghost here to learn of the Fallen Overseer. Kill him and pick up the villager’s remains. You can use them to extinguish Eriman’s Pyre. Doing so summons the spirit of Duz’Agur, who you need to exorcise to rekindle the Wanderer’s Shrine.

Those are all the Diablo 4 Strongholds. Each one you complete gives you 100 Renown points which you can use to help with character-building and a chance at getting the best Diablo 4 loot, making class builds a lot easier to craft, such as the best Diablo 4 Rogue build. They’re also worth completing as they have the potential for new waypoints or dungeons to be revealed.