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Diablo 4 may be getting way harder, as data mine finds new world tier

Diablo 4 could get way harder, with evidence of world tier 5 and new gemstone ranks unearthed by a D4 data mine, teasing difficulty changes to the Blizzard hit.

Diablo 4 is perhaps about to become much harder, so if you’ve been repeatedly slain in Sanctuary and wasted by the Wandering Death, buckle up – the Blizzard RPG game potentially has some much greater challenges on the horizon. As it stands, Diablo 4 world tiers number one to four, with four, naturally, the highest and toughest. Evidence from a recent data mine however suggests an incoming world tier 5, as well as additional inventory and equipment classifications to help you overcome this apparent new ordeal. Steel yourselves, Diablo 4 veterans, and try to think of it as practice for the potential arrival of Hell Cows.

What we’re looking at here are two things: placeholder artwork for a ‘World Tier 5’ and item images and descriptions for a new, higher level of Diablo 4 gemstones. It comes from the aptly named dataminer ‘DatamineARPG,’ who says that details of the prospective new world tier are unclear, but nevertheless shares the data mined banner, which you can see below:

Diablo 4 world tier 5: A rumored banner for a new world tier in Blizzard RPG game Diablo 4

DatamineARPG claims to have also found evidence of level 7 and level 8 gemstones. Currently, gemstones are available up to level 5. Though information has not been found on level 6 gemstones, level 7 gems are apparently named ‘Magnificent’ while level 8s are called ‘Perfect.’ Perfect gems featured in Diablo 2, and could become part of your arsenal when it comes to traversing this alleged fifth world tier.

Based on the values of current gemstones and how they scale, DatamineARPG creates tables potentially showing how the level 6, 7, and 8 gems will perform. You can see the amethyst table below. You can also support DatamineARPG on Ko-Fi here:

Diablo 4 world tier 5: A table showing new values for gemstones in the RPG game Diablo 4

So, it appears that Sanctuary is about to become a much more dangerous place, at least for those who fancy the challenge. Better get the best Diablo 4 builds just in case.

Alternatively, we can help you find all the Diablo 4 unique items. We also have the lowdown on Diablo 4 ancestral items, because, if world tier 5 does eventually show up, you’re going to need all the help you can get.