Diablo 4 winter event offers hefty XP buff elixir for you to keep

Gileon's Brew item offered in Diablo 4's seasonal Midwinter Blight event provides characters with a massive 15% boost to experience

Diablo 4 Midwinter Blight Red Cloaked Horror Boss on dark background

Blizzard has released a video ahead of Diablo 4’s upcoming seasonal holiday event Midwinter Blight that provides a few more details on what we can expect from Diablo 4’s first foray into seasonal festivities. The event is launching on Tuesday December 12 and will run until Tuesday January 2, bringing with it various time-limited cosmetic unlocks, a new title for slaying the event boss, and the Shard of Dawn offensive aspect. But the most interesting inclusion that the features video gives us more details on (other than a truly abysmal pun about the patch ‘goating live’) is a new elixir named Gileon’s Brew, that grants characters a whopping 15% exp buff for 30 minutes.

Gileon’s Brew also provides a 15% increase to maximum life and lucky hit chance, but while there are certainly some Diablo 4 builds that will welcome the extra tankiness and lucky hits, the big deal really is that hefty boost to experience, which is far and away better than the 5% bonus offered by Diablo 4’s usual experience potions. This is huge for anyone looking to level their alts in one of the year’s biggest RPG games, or those who have yet to make the final push to level 100 during the Season of Blood.

While we have known the rough details of what was coming with the Midwinter Blight patch for a little while, there’s been some discourse in the Diablo 4 community as to whether Gileon’s Brew would be as good as initially thought, with many assuming that the elixir would offer random 15% buffs to a range of stats or bonuses, rather than the specific experience, maximum life, and lucky hit chance combo, so players would have to spend time farming the specific combo that would suit their character best.

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However, the features from Blizzard video confirm that this is indeed not the case. Not only that, but in the Q&A portion of the video, Diablo 4 lead live events designer Deric Nunez confirms that Gileon’s Brew will be actually sticking around long after Midwinter Blight, not being removed when the event ends. This means you’ll be able to farm the item and stockpile it, making sure you’ll have plenty to glug down for the remainder of the season.

Struggling to think of a Diablo 4 class to take advantage of those stat buffs, or looking to leverage that experience boost to level a new alt? We’ve got you covered. Alternatively, if you still need to get up to date on all that Diablo 4 patch 1.2.3 has to offer, we’ve got the rundown.

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