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Diablo Immortal’s anniversary update adds a sequel’s worth of upgrades

The Diablo Immortal anniversary update, Destruction's Wake, is here and the full DI patch notes for June 14 reveal a combat rework with stances and new skills.

Diablo Immortal patch notes - Destruction's Wake update changes - a bearded, older man carefully inspects a glowing orange gem with a pair of tweezers.

Diablo Immortal patch notes are here for the game’s anniversary update, Destruction’s Wake, and they’re absolutely massive. This Diablo Immortal patch changes the way combat works in Blizzard’s crossover RPG game, along with adding new zones, quests, skills, legendary items and gems, and a whole bunch more. If you’ve had Immortal on the back burner while making your best Diablo 4 builds, it might be time to check back in.

Most of the biggest upgrades are tied to the new difficulty, Inferno. You’ll get there once you reach Paragon Level 800, but don’t worry if you’re behind – Blizzard is giving players a giant 1,500% XP boost to help you catch up to the new content. Once there, you’ll unlock new Stances, which allow you to switch between Offensive and Defensive forms mid-combat, each with their own set of buffs and bonuses.

You’ll also get some new skills, regardless of which class you’re playing, and you’ll be able to get your hands on the best Diablo Immortal Legendary Gems much more easily using special drop tables in Elder Rifts that let you select exactly which gems you want to target, guaranteeing drops that will come from your chosen pool.

These changes are so vast and all-encompassing, it basically feels like a full second year of content right out of the gate. As such, I won’t spend too long waffling on about each individual detail – instead, we’ve laid them all out in full for you below.

Diablo Immortal Destruction's Wake patch notes - a group of warriors rally together, flags raised.

Diablo Immortal patch notes – June 14, 2023

The Diablo Immortal Destruction’s Wake update goes live on June 14 for Europe servers along with Oceania, China, East Asia, and Southeast Asia, and June 15 for servers in the Americas. The maintenance times can be seen below, along with the start time for the update.

Time Zone Maintenance starts Update goes live
US West Tursday, June 15 at 1am PDT Thursday, June 15 at 3am PDT
US East Thursday, June 15 at 4am EDT Thursday, June 15 at 6am EDT
UK Wednesday, June 14 at 1am BST Wednesday, June 14 at 3am BST
Europe Wednesday, June 14 at 2am CEST Wednesday, June 14 at 4am CEST
Australia Wednesday, June 14 at 11am AET Wednesday, June 14 at 1pm AET

Here are the patch notes for the Destruction’s Wake update:

New Servers

  • Peace Warders (English server in Europe).
  • Marius (German server in Europe).
  • Kesor (Polish server in Europe).
  • Chain Lightning (Chinese server in East Asia).

New Zone – Ancients’ Cradle

  • Ancients’ Cradle is a remote island in the Forgotten Sea.
  • Meet the ancient Lilin and Inari peoples, whose lineage can be traced back to Sanctuary’s creation, as you continue to pursue the Cult of Terror following your retrieval of the Pathstone.
  • To visit the Ancients’ Cradle and embark on its main questline, you must first reach Hell Difficulty VI and complete the Fare You Well quest from Zathan outside Deckard Cain’s workshop.
  • Ancients’ Cradle also features eight new side quests.

New Inferno Difficulty

  • A hotter degree of difficulty has erupted from the depths of the Burning Hells: Inferno.
  • To unlock Inferno Difficulty I you must defeat Phangwrth, Warmth-Feaster on Hell Difficulty VIII and be at least Paragon Level 800.
  • To unlock Inferno Difficulties II and III, you must dispatch a new breed of evil, the Hearthrot Demons.
  • Playing on Inferno Difficulty gives you access to the new Inferno Difficulty Leaderboards, new Legendary Items to enhance your build, and the new Stances combat mechanic.

Diablo Immortal Destruction's Wake patch notes - four of the new Hearthrot Demons.

New Hearthrot Demons

  • Defeating any of the Hearthrot Demons drops new Demonic Remains, each of which match an applicable slot in the Helliquary.
    • Vhansoon, Desolation’s Scourge.
    • Strazos, Steadfast Decay – defeating Strazos on Inferno Difficulty I unlocks Inferno Difficulty II.
    • Gebdu, Mountain Breaker.
    • Khuluul the Crooked Grin – defeatuing Khuluul on Inferno Difficulty II unlocks Inferno Difficulty III.
    • Yamnaal of the Deluge.
    • Saarodan, Sky-Sunderer.
  • The vile Hearthrot demons can now be fought in the Helliquary Gauntlet. Completing the Inferno Helliquary Gauntlet for each difficulty level will earn you Cosmetics from the Scions of the Storm Argent set. Visit Rayek to begin the challenge of a lifetime.

New Combat Mechanic – Stances

  • All classes now have both an Offensive and Defensive Stance.
  • To utilize Stances, you must be in Inferno Difficulty. Once on this difficulty, you’ll see a second set of weapon slots unlocked; equip items to these slots for Stances to automatically enable itself.
  • The additional slots can have gems socketed into them to further enhance your character’s power.
  • Stances can be shifted between every 30 seconds while in combat.
  • Upon switching Stances, the passive bonus will be thrice as strong for the first 3 seconds, allowing you to immediately reap the benefits.
  • While 4 weapons are equipped, all Legendary Gems, Legendary Item Affixes, and Attributes will be active.
  • Offensive bonuses of equipped weapons are reduced to 60% power while in the Defensive Stance.
  • You may only equip one Legendary Item that affects each Skill while Stances are active.

Diablo Immortal Destruction's Wake patch notes - screenshot showing the new Stances in action mid-combat.

Barbarian Stances

  • Offensive – Frenzy: Upon activation, Primary Attack Speed is increased by 20% for three seconds. After the initial duration ends, the increase is reduced to 10%.
  • Defensive – Fortified: Upon activation, gain a shiled that absorbs damage equal to 30% of your maximum Life for three seconds. Incoming damage is now reduced by 10%.

Crusader Stances

  • Offensive – Focus: Upon activation, Critical Hit Chance for Skills is increased by 20% for three seconds. After the initial duration ends, the increase is reduced to 10%.
  • Defensive – Fortified: Upon activation, gain a shiled that absorbs damage equal to 30% of your maximum Life for three seconds. Incoming damage is now reduced by 10%.

Demon Hunter Stances

  • Offensive – Precision: Upon activation, Critical Hit Chance for Primary Attacks is increased by 20% for three seconds. After the initial duration ends, the increase is reduced to 10%.
  • Defensive – Agility: Upon activation, quickly move forward five yards. Movement Speed is now increased by 10%.

Monk Stances

  • Offensive – Precision: Upon activation, Critical Hit Chance for Primary Attacks is increased by 20% for three seconds. After the initial duration ends, the increase is reduced to 10%.
  • Defensive – Restoration: Upon activation, immediately restore 15% of maximum Life. Your healing and shield effects are now increased by 20%.

Necromancer Stances

  • Offensive – Command: Upon activation, you and your Summons’ Attack Speeds are increased by 20% for three seconds. After the initial duration ends, the increase is reduced to 10%.
  • Defensive – Agility: Upon activation, quickly move forward five yards. Movement Speed is now increased by 10%.

Wizard Stances

  • Offensive – Focus: Upon activation, Critical Hit Chance for Skills is increased by 20% for three seconds. After the initial duration ends, the increase is reduced to 10%.
  • Defensive – Restraint: Upon activation, all nearby enemies are Stunned for three seconds. Your Primary Attacks now reduce the movement speed of enemies they hit by 40% (player movement speed is reduced by 20%).

Diablo Immortal Destruction's Wake patch notes - Vhansoon, a grey demon with orange horns and large teeth.

New Skills

  • An additional Skill has been added to each Class that unlocks at level 53. These are designed to provide additional group utility or fill niches to better round out the toolkit of each Class.
  • Barbarian – Sunder: 12 second cooldown. Damage: Briefly launch into the air and smash the ground with your weapon, generating a huge shockwave that deals damage to all enemies in the area while also increasing all damage they take by 30% for 6 seconds. Players will take increased damage for 3 seconds.
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  • Crusader – Fist of the Heavens: 7 second cooldown. Damage: Call down divine wrath to strike up to 8 nearby enemies damaging them. For every 10% of a targeted enemy’s missing Life, the damage dealt to that target by Fist of the Heavens will be increased by 25%.
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  • Demon Hunter – Shadowsight: 24 second cooldown. Buff: Immediately reveal all Bosses, Treasure Goblins, Elite monsters, and enemy players within 90 yards of you on the minimap and increase the Movement Speed of yourself and nearby allies by 20% for 12 seconds.
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  • Monk – Breath of Heaven: 12 second cooldown. Buff: Immediately restore Life and grant 60% increased Movement Speed to yourself and all nearby allies. Using Breath of Heaven on the same target again within 9 seconds reduces the healing amount by 50%.
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  • Necromancer – Borrowed Time: 30 second cooldown. Buff: Grant yourself or an ally borrowed time for 8 seconds. If the target takes fatal damage during this borrowed time, they will be resurrected at full Life, but with a curse. The curse will drain 5% of the target’s maximum Life every second and lasts for a maximum of 16 seconds. The curse can be removed sooner if the target kills an enemy or assists in killing an enemy. Borrowed Time will be automatically used on you when you take fatal damage if it is not on cooldown.
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  • Wizard – Frostfield: 20 second cooldown. Control: Create a field of gathering hoarfrost in an area. After a short delay, all enemies in the area will take damage and be Frozen in ice for 12 seconds. Players will be Frozen for a maximum of 4 seconds. Any enemy that takes damage after being Frozen for at least 6 seconds will immediately be unfrozen. For players, they will be unfrozen if they take damage after being Frozen for at least 2 seconds.
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New Legendary Gems

  • The below values for each gem reflect their power at rank ten.
  • Exigent Echo (one-star): Your block chance is increased by 30% for 6 seconds when you receive a Critical Hit. Cannot occur more often than once every 20 seconds. During the effect, damage received when blocking is reduced by 12%.
  • Ironbane (two-star): Your Channeling skills have a 10% chance to dissolve enemy armor for 6 seconds, increasing the damage they take by 15%. Cannot occur against the same target more often than once every 20 seconds. The dissolve effect also reduces the Movement Speed of enemies by 16%.
  • Starfire Shard (five-star): When you deal damage, you have a 30% chance to rain meteorites in an area, dealing 500% base damage + 2026 in total. Cannot occur more often than once every 20 seconds. The meteorites also scorch the ground for 2 seconds, Burning enemies in the area and dealing 40% base damage every second.

Modified Legendary Gem drop tables

  • From June 15 – July 13, players have the option to enable a modified drop table while running Elder Rifts. While enabled, whenever you receive a five-star Legendary Gem as a drop, there’s a 50% chance it will be Starfire Shard. Additionally, whenver you receive a two-star Legendary Gem as a drop, there’s a 50% chance it will be Mother’s Lament.
  • From July 13 – August 3, players have the option to enable a modified drop table when running Elder Rifts. You may choose 12 five-star Legendary Gems, and whenever you recieve a five-star Legendary Gem it is guaranteed to be one of the selected options.

Diablo Immortal Destruction's Wake patch notes - An ageing man sits at a table and inspects several gemstones.

New Set Items

  • Seeds of Sown Gold is a new item set obtainable from dungeons in Inferno Difficulty I and higher, centered around channeled skills.
  • Seeds of Sown Gold (two piece bonus): Continually Channeling a skill against the same enemy gradually increases the damage of that skill up to a maximum of 30%.
  • Seeds of Sown Gold (four piece bonus): After you stop Channeling a skill, enemies hit by it take an additional explosion of damage for 30% of the damage dealt to them by that Channeled skill.
  • Seeds of Sown Gold (six piece bonus): After you start Channeling a skill, gain Artisan’s Endurance for 8 seconds. While Channeling under the effect of Artisan’s Endurance, you are immune to knockback effects and damage dealt to you is reduced by 40%. This effect cannot occur more often than once every 40 seconds.
  • Seeds of Sown Gold items can be acquired from the following dungeons:
    • Artisan’s Care (Neck): Silent Monastery.
    • Gleaming Gullers (Boots): Cavern of Echoes.
    • Harvest of Dust (Gloves): Destruction’s End.
    • Revolving Folly (Belt): Pit of Anguish.
    • Roundray (Ring): Temple of Namari.
    • Unearthed Light (Ring): Temple of Namari.

Diablo Immortal Destruction's Wake patch notes - screenshot of an item from the Seeds of Sown Gold set.

New Legendary Items


  • Axe of the Ray (Main Hand): Cleave now hurls two whirling axes, dealing damage to enemies.
  • Beggar’s Mallet (Off-Hand): Hammer of the Ancients now throws a whirling hammer that returns to you, dealing damage to enemies in its path.
  • Chitinous Greaves (Pants): Ground Stomp now unleashes the fury within you, Burning enemies.
  • Oustlak Helmet (Head): While Sprint is active, your skills with projectile attacks are empowered with wind allowing them to trigger Firestorm and deal 20% increased damage.
  • Scallop Shell Armor (Chest): Hammer of the Ancients deals additional damage to enemies the further away they are.
  • Silver Flash (Shoulders): Cleave’s knockback may now affect enemy players, but can only affect the same player once every 2 seconds.


  • Arrant Ignition (Head): Holy Banner now mounts a Standard of Flames to your back that bolsters the Primary Attacks of all nearby allies to Burn enemies.
  • Fenced Meadow (Shoulders): Judgment now marks an area of retribution, dealing continual damage to enemies within. Additionally, enemies in the area suffering from other harmful effects will also be Stunned.
  • Grace of the Determined (Pants): Conjuration of Light also removes all harmful effects.
  • Mete Out Mercy (Off-Hand): Punish deals 30% increased damage to enemies suffering total loss of control.
  • Obseverer (Main Hand): Enemies struck by Punish take 10% increased damage from subsequent hits for 2 seconds. This effect stacks up to a maximum of 30%.
  • Parrying Plates (Chest): Conjuration of Light now grants immunity to Knockbacks and loss of control effects, but it no longer provides immunity to damage.

Demon Hunter

  • Antipodal Order (Chest): Knockback Shot now channels a flamethrower that Burns enemies.
  • Best Discretion (Head): Escape’s cooldown is reduced by 1 second each time you take damage, up to a maximum of 3 seconds.
  • Faint-Kiff (Pants): Knife Trap now places a trap filled with hooked chains. When triggered, hooked chains explode from the trap, damaging and pulling all nearby enemies together to Immobilize them.
  • Gristlegrin (Off-Hand): Knockback Shot deals 20% increased damage to enemies suffering from loss of control.
  • Slink Prangs (Shoulders): Knife Trap explosions also shatter the enemy’s armor, increasing damage taken by 10% for 3 seconds.
  • The Second Drawback (Main Hand): Impale now throws a knife that ricochets between enemies multiple times before falling to the ground. Picking up the knife reduces the remaining cooldown of Impale.


  • Gift of Suffering (Pants): Mystic Allies now consumes 10% of your maximum Life to empower the spirits, increasing their Attack and Movement Speed by 20%.
  • Glooming Cove (Head): Mystic Allies summons an additional lesser spirit to fight by your side.
  • Reticent Wind (Off-Hand): Mystic Strike causes you to become invisible for 3 seconds.
  • Sahptev Lamplighter (Main Hand): Mystic Allies now summons two flaming spirits to fight by your side that cause nearby enemies to Burn.
  • Unbound River (Shoulders): Flying Kick deals increased damage to shielded enemies.
  • Winter’s Embrace (Chest): Cyclone Strike is now empowered with icy wind, dealing damage while pulling in nearby enemies to Freeze them, but it can no longer be charged.


  • Cage of Chum (Chest): Bone Wall now conjures a veil of darkness that continually deals damage and generates corpses from enemies passing through.
  • Draff Cryptic (Pants): Dark Curse now casts a dark rune in an area that explodes after a short delay, damaging enemies and removing a beneficial effect from them.
  • Gatefysk Helm (Head): Grim Scythe now also slices through the enemy’s armor, increasing damage taken by 10% for 3 seconds.
  • Nocbrodd Skulls (Shoulders): Bone Armor also increases Primary Attack Speed by 15%.
  • Ramshackle Scythe (Main Hand): Bone Spear has a 50% chance to launch a larger penetrating bone spear that deals additional damage.
  • Silvered Wings (Off-Hand): Corpse Lance now consumes nearby corpses to empower your Primary Attack for 5 seconds. While empowered, your Primary Attacks will also launch a penetrating lance that deals increased damage for each corpse you consumed.


  • Bluster Bauble (Off-Hand): Ice Armor now conjures a violent storm around you dealing damage to nearby enemies but no longer absorbs damage.
  • Cold Calculus (Chest): Ice Crystal now protects you inside a block of ice making you Invulnerable. While active the ice block also Chills and damages nearby enemies.
  • Nick of Time (Main Hand): Slow Time radius increased by 20%.
  • Pernicious Assistant (Shoulders): Disintegrate now creates an illusion that channels a beam of pure energy in the targeted direction.
  • Thunderous Applause (Pants): Meteor now calls down a meteor shower that follows you, damaging and Burning enemies, but it no longer Stuns.
  • Veil of Dross (Head): Ice Crystal duration increased by 30%.

Diablo Immortal Destruction's Wake patch notes - an angel with their back to camera, arms and wings spread.

New Paragon Specializations

  • Unlock Inferno Difficulty to utilize these new Paragon Specializations.
  • Apothecary: Boost your Life recovery while fighting alongside allies.
  • Executioner: Take down weakened enemies with devastating blows.
  • Weaver: Skillfully intertwine your attacks together to create the ultimate offensive.

Class Balance Changes


  • Hammer of the Ancients: Cooldown reduced to 9 seconds from 12.
  • Ground Stomp: Charge time reduced to .5 seconds from 1.
  • Breaker’s Wheel (Off-Hand): Hammer of the Ancients cooldown reduced to 9 seconds from 12.
  • The Forgotten (Off-Hand): Hammer of the Ancients cooldown reduced to 9 seconds from 12.
  • Paste and Powder (Off-Hand): Hammer of the Ancients cooldown reduced to 9 seconds from 15.
  • Peace and Quietus (Off-Hand): Hammer of the Ancients cooldown reduced to 9 seconds from 12.
  • Razorgrip (Off-Hand): Hammer of the Ancients charge time reduced to .5 seconds from 1, cooldown reduced to 9 seconds from 12.
  • Rockspike (Pants): Ground Stomp charge time reduced to .5 seconds from 1.
  • The Startler (Off-Hand): Hammer of the Ancients damage increased by 23%, cooldown reduced to 9 seconds from 12.


  • Shield Charge: Charges increased by 1.
  • Shield Glare: Cooldown reduced to 9 seconds from 12.
  • Constant Scrutiny (Shield): Shield Glare cooldown reduced to 9 seconds from 12.
  • Pillager’s Greaves (Pants): Shield Charge charges increased by 1.

Demon Hunter

  • Sentry: Life increased for all versions of this skill.
  • Spinning Chakram: Damage increased by 19%.
  • Blade Thrower (Off-Hand): Spinning Chakram damage increased by 16%, charges increased by 1.
  • Duplicitous Prophetics (Chest): Knockback Shot damage reduced by 9% and now only fires a knockback effect on the first shot but the knockback distance is now increased from .5 to 2.
  • Shredder Vane (Off-Hand): Spinning Chakram damage increased by 16%, charges increased by 1.


  • Imprisoned Fist: Charges increased by 1.
  • Authority of Patience (Off-Hand): Imprisoned Fist charges increased by 1, charge time reduced to .5 seconds from 1.
  • Rising Tide (Shoulders): Imprisoned Fist charges increased by 1 and animation speed increased.
  • Stirring Titan (Head): Inner Sanctuary cooldown reduced to 20 seconds from 30.


  • Corpse Lance: Damage increased by 9%.
  • Coals for Eyes (Head): Command Skeletons cooldown reduced to .3 seconds from 1, Skeleton dash speed increased by 100%, Necromancer’s end cast animation time reduced.
  • One-Armed Devourer (Off-Hand): Corpse Lance cooldown reduced to 2 seconds from 6.
  • Ten-Thorn (Off-Hand): Corpse Lance damage increased by 15%.


  • Slow Time: Cooldown Reduced to 16 seconds from 18 for all versions of this skill.
  • Crown of Arcane Truths (Helm): Scorch damage increased by 15% and travel speed increased by 250%, cooldown reduced to 6 seconds from 9.

Diablo Immortal Destruction's Wake patch notes - a glimmering artifact on a pillar in the middle of a moonlit town.

Limited-Time Events

Justinian’s Favor

  • Justinian’s Favor runs June 15 – July 13.
  • Completing seven tasks will earn you a key.
  • Finishing 3 Challenge Rifts, and logging in once during the event’s duration will earn you one additional key each.
  • Use all three of your keys to unlock the chest in the event’s menu and you’ll receive these rewards for your bravery: 3 Legendary Crests, 7 Rare Crests, 3 random One-Star Legendary Gems.

Conqueror (PvP)

  • Conqueror runs June 16 – June 28.
  • Enter a Conqueror PvP match using their own build or select a preconstructed character build for their Class.
  • Each match contains multiple strongholds that must be captured by your team—the first team to earn 1,500 points by holding strongholds shall emerge victorious!
  • Through participating in these matches, you can complete daily and challenge tasks to earn a random reward, such as Legendary Items, Set Items, and more.
  • All characters will be set to Level 60.
  • The Rank of all Legendary Gear and Set Gear will be set to 1.
  • The Rank for all Legendary Gems on your character will be set to 10.
  • All bonuses from the following are disabled:
    • Resonance and Combat Rating.
    • Clans and Warbands.
    • Normal Gems, Charms, and Horadric Legacy.
    • Stances (see the feature updates section for more info on Stances).

Proving of the Rift

  • Proving of the Rift runs June 26 – July 24.
  • Earn Proving the Rift rewards by completing Challenge Rifts and placing on the Leaderboard.
  • The Leaderboard placements will refresh each week, affording new players the opportunity to cement their name among Sanctuary’s finest.
  • The Proving of the Rift event is your opportunity to score the new Nimbus Cosmetic – swells of cosmic energy that move with your character for a limited time.

Diablo Immortal Destruction's Wake patch notes - a long-haired person wields a scythe, purple energy encircling their feet.

Infernal Knowledge

  • Infernal Knowledge runs June 17 – June 25.
  • Complete daily tasks to unlock milestone rewards.
  • Complete 3 tasks: 1 random Legendary Item.
  • Complete 5 tasks: 3 Rare Crests.
  • Complete 8 tasks: 1 Telluric Pearl.
  • Complete 10 tasks: 1 Legendary Crest.

All Clans on Deck

  • All Clans on Deck runs June 24 – July 2.
  • Call upon your Clan for aid to beat back the tide of darkness!
  • Track down and dispatch Elite enemies together before time runs out. The spoils of war will be your Clan’s to reap, and rewards will be provided via in-game mail to all members of your Clan once All Clans on Deck ends.
  • Players will only receive the reward for the highest tier achieved by their Clan and not preceding tiers.
  • Players must log in the week following the event to receive their rewards.

Recruit or Recall a Friend

  • Recruit/Recall a Friend runs June 15 – July 27, although recruited players will have until August 23 to complete tasks and earn rewards.
  • To recruit or recall players, you must be at least Level 20. Each player has a unique code that can be found on the event’s page.
  • To be recruited, the player must be Level 20 or below and have not already been recruited by another player.
  • To be recalled, the player must be above Level 20 and not had any character on their account recalled previously or played Diablo Immortal in the last 14 days.

Diablo Immortal Destruction's Wake patch notes - Khuluul, an imp-like demon with an unsettling grin and a mace glowing with purple fire.


  • Combat Rating and Primary Attribute are now separate statistics. The Combat Rating for items will be displayed directly on them and is no longer based on the item’s attribute.
  • Items that drop will now have greater Primary Attribute diversity and an increased chance to have a higher Combat Rating. This is to help players grow their Combat Rating quickly and introduce more variety in their Item choices.
  • The Server Paragon Level for all Servers has been raised to 800.
  • Players with a Paragon Level lower than their Server’s Paragon Level can receive up to a 1,500% experience bonus to help them catch up and experience the features detailed in this major update.
  • Battleground and Challenge Rifts will now reset on a 10-week cycle that is independent of Cycle of Strife—the rewards are being updated accordingly as well.
  • In addition to the seasonal one-time bracket and end of season rewards, Battleground will provide a weekly reward based upon your rank.
  • Battleground participation is also being removed as a requirement for Badges of Honor because it’s no longer tied to the reign being reset.
  • Challenge Rifts will continue to provide weekly rewards, but the monthly rewards will instead be distributed at the end of the season. The two, three, and four player Leaderboards have been removed as well.
  • Hidden Lairs now reward guaranteed Normal Gems for each objective, up to a weekly maximum of 21 Hidden Lairs (42 floors). The entrance menu will still indicate whether the player has reached the individual caps for each gem type, but it’s now a weekly total instead of daily.
  • To give smaller Clans increased opportunity to claim towers and allow a smoother start to the season on servers with higher populations, we made some adjustments to Accursed Towers:
    • The maximum number of towers available in each season has increased from 150 to 200.
    • The number of regions has increased from three to four.
    • Two Regions will unlock during the first week of each season.

Diablo Immortal Destruction's Wake patch notes - two cliffs either side of a chasm, with statues of Lilith and Inarius carved facing one another onto them.

  • To support the adjustments to Combat Rating on gear, the Ancestral Tableau will now have a separate stat for Combat Rating.
  • The drop rate of Ancestral Weapons has increased.
  • The Akeba’s Chosen Shadows Clan leader badge now requires that you be the leader of a top 10 Clan by the end of the Immortal reign.
  • Additionally, Battleground will no longer count towards your Deeds of Valor badge because Battleground no longer resets with the Cycle of Strife.
  • The requirements to earn the Indomitable Deeds of Valor badge have also been adjusted to make it more readily obtainable for Immortals.
  • The Shadows Daily Challenge that required players to “win a Battleground match” is now “play a Battleground match” to allow for quicker completion.
  • When a new Immortal reign starts, the Immortal’s Eternal Crown bonuses will now begin as a 16% Damage Increase and 16% Defense Increase. The maximum benefit will persist as a 32% Damage Increase and 32% Defense Increase.
  • Paragon Specializations can no longer be swapped during an active Battleground. They may still be swapped prior to the start of battle.
  • There are new Codex Objectives for Inferno Difficulties I, II, and III. They unlock at Paragon Level 800, 900, and 1,000 respectively.
  • Prodigy’s Path is being refreshed to complement the new Paragon Level cap:
    • Prodigy’s Path IV will unlock when players reach Level 700.
    • Prodigy’s Path I will disappear from the menu once players unlock Prodigy’s Path IV. All unclaimed rewards will be sent to your Inbox.
    • Players can continue to claim Prodigy’s Path IV rewards after Paragon Level 800, based upon the Expected Paragon Level, if they choose to stop leveling at Paragon Level 799.
  • Following the maintenance windows for this major content update, all current progress for Hero’s Journey Chapters 1 through 6 will be paused and a new Hero’s Journey will begin. Only Chapters 1 through 4 will be available for the new Hero’s Journey, with Chapters 5 and 6 coming later. This Hero’s Journey is planned to be available for about six months, like previous iterations.
  • While completing their Chapters, adventurers will receive a bevy of rewards, and once Chapter 4 is completed, they will receive the Resplendent Journey Frame—a token of triumph.
  • Scheduled activities created by your fellow Warband or Clan members will now display a red dot to increase their visibility.

That’s it for this quite frankly astonishing set of changes; certainly enough to keep you busy for a while to come. It’s good to see that Blizzard is continuing to support Immortal, and if you’ve still got time for it (or like to play when you find Diablo 4 down), be sure to check in with our Diablo Immortal tier list to see what’s hottest in hell.