Diablo Immortal celebrates 20 million players with one legendary crest

Diablo Immortal reaches another player count milestone, with players each receiving one legendary crest to celebrate the RPG game passing 20 million installs

Diablo Immortal player count reaches 20 million - a female barbarian holds a sack with a legendary crest on it, looking crestfallen

Diablo Immortal has reached another player count milestone, with Blizzard announcing that the RPG game has passed 20 million installs. In celebration, players can log in to the game to collect a special bundle of goodies sent out as thanks – although the meagre contents of it have left some fans chuckling.

The Diablo Immortal Twitter account posted a status announcing, “20 million demon slayers and counting.” They also say to players that in-game rewards would be provided to commemorate the milestone, including “a legendary crest, gold, and more.” This has prompted some jokey responses from the community, who made light of the package.

“Whoa! One legendary crest! Thanks Blizzard,” reads one response. There has been much discussion among some members of the Diablo Immortal community recently about Blizzard’s seeming reluctance to give out legendary crests, the item used when tackling elder rifts that allows players to get their hands on legendary gems.

Some players were disappointed that the recent Hungering Moon event only handed out a single legendary crest for their troubles, for example, while others noted that the season two battle pass offers just three of them – one fewer than the previous season’s offering.

This concern is further exacerbated by the fact that the legendary crests handed out – including the one from this player milestone celebration package – are just regular ones that drop bound gems, and not the eternal legendary crest variant, which awards gems that can be sold on the game’s market. Blizzard’s July 20 Diablo Immortal update does finally offer players a way to get their hands on eternal legendary crests without spending real money, however.

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The game’s player count was likely bolstered by the game’s launch in several Asia Pacific regions on July 7. A report from Bloomberg says the game is also scheduled to launch in China on July 25, following a month-long delay resulting from a controversial social media post, which should see those install numbers climb even further.

In total, the celebration package for the milestone includes 1 legendary crest, 30,000 gold, 15 enchanted dust, and 200 scrap materials. Some members of the fantasy game’s community, however, aren’t thinking about their legendary crests any more. Instead, they just want to pet a dog – and that seems like a fairly reasonable request to us.