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Diablo Immortal season seven brings server merges, fresh battle pass

Diablo Immortal season seven will introduce server merges and a new battle pass to the Blizzard action RPG game, alongside fresh events and legendary items

Diablo Immortal season seven brings server merges, fresh battle pass: A crusader from Blizzard action RPG game Diablo Immortal wields armour and a mighty shield

Diablo Immortal season seven will bring further server merges as well as a new battle pass, limited-time events, and legendary items to the Blizzard action RPG game, with other major content updates scheduled to be postponed until December.

As previously reported, 39 servers in the North American region will be merged when Diablo Immortal returns from scheduled maintenance at 3am server time on November 23. The EU, South America, East Asia, and ANZ regions will also see server merges, as Blizzard aims to reduce waiting times and increase player counts across the RPG. You can see a full list of the affected NA servers below:

Diablo Immortal server merges North America 1:

  • The Soulstones, The Gidbinn, Cult of Damnation, and Black Abyss
  • Wailing Beast, Crescent Moon, Call to Arms, and Heart of the Oak
  • Chains of Honor, Breath of the Dying, and Pandemonium
  • Burning Hells, End of Days, and Desolate Sands
  • The Triune, Dry Steppes, Amber Blades, and Star of Azkaranth

Diablo Immortal server merges North America 2:

  • The Last Vestige, Albrecht, and Doombringer
  • Meshif, Ureh, and Eternal Conflict
  • Helliquary, Silver Spire, Arcane Sanctuary, and The Curator
  • High Heavens, Rat King, and Withermoth
  • The Fallen, Risen Dead, Darkening of Tristram, and Greed
  • Lysander, Mask of Jeram, Arkaine’s Valor, and Treasure Goblin

The launch of Diablo Immortal season seven will follow shortly after at 3am server time on November 24, and introduce a whole-new battle pass dedicated to the Ancient Guardians. There are 40 ranks worth of new challenges, which will unlock legendary gems, crests, hilts, and more. Two additional battle pass options are also available: the Empowered battle pass and Collector’s Empowered battle pass. The Empowered pass offers extra cosmetics as well as an additional track, while the Collector’s Empowered includes all of the above, plus an extra cosmetic, frame, and the chance to get a free ten-rank boost.

The battle pass ends December 22. A second “major update” for Diablo Immortal is also planned for December, with Blizzard explaining that this will temporarily alter the update schedule. “Our second major update is coming soon,” the developer says, “and to prepare for this milestone in December, we will not release a content update in two weeks as we traditionally have. Once the major update is released, we will return to our usual bi-weekly content update schedule.”

Season seven will also bring three more Hungering Moon tasks which can be completed between either November 24 and November 27, or from December 1 to December 4. These unlock Astrolabe Power which can be exchanged at the Astrolabe for one of two blessings: a blessing of magic, which increases your chances of getting rare, magic, and legendary drops from enemies, and a blessing of might, that lets you gain objects called moonslivers when completing dungeons, which can then be exchanged for other rewards at Hermit’s Collection.

Two limited-time events will also run as part of Diablo Immortal season seven, beginning with the Exalted Night event on December 8 to December 10, and followed by the Shields of the Hearth event from December 7 to December 21. 36 new legendary items have also been added, available across the Barbarian, Crusader, Demon Hunter, Monk, Necromancer, and Wizard character classes.

It’s a lot of new material, so make sure you’re ready for season seven with the best Diablo Immortal builds. You can also take a look at the best Diablo Immortal wizard build to get ready for those new legendaries, or our guide to all the Diablo Immortal legendary items, so you know what to grind for when season seven goes live.