Diablo Immortal update celebrates Lunar New Year in Tong-Shi’s Renewal

A Diablo Immortal update on January 15 adds a Lunar New Year event, season nine battle pass, 36 new legendary items, and cross-server dungeons to the RPG game

Diablo Immortal update - a weary-looking warrior with bright red hair, a braided beard, and spiked shoulder pads

Blizzard unveils a hefty Diablo Immortal update making its way to the crossover mobile and PC RPG game soon, so there’s plenty to look forward to as season nine approaches. It’s still a while before the Diablo 4 release date arrives, but there’s no shortage of things to do in this Diablo Immortal patch for those of you still enjoying the free-to-play spin on the series. The big focus is on Lunar New Year celebrations in the Tong-Shi’s Renewal event, but there’s a whole lot packed into this update and we’ve got it all right here.

The Diablo Immortal patch releases on January 15-16, following server maintenance. Servers in Oceania, China, East Asia, Southeast Asia, and Europe will undergo maintenance on January 15 at 4-6 pm PST. Servers in the Americas will undergo maintenance on January 16 from 12-2am PST. Our chart below shows when this translates to your nearest time zone. Blizzard notes that due to the upcoming holiday, there will not be a regular content update in two weeks; instead, it says fans can expect the next content update three weeks after this one.

Region Non-American Servers Servers in the Americas
US West (PT) Jan 15 @ 4-6pm Jan 16 @ 12-2am
US East (ET) Jan 15 @ 7-9pm Jan 16 @ 3-5am
UK (GMT) Jan 16 @ 12-2am Jan 16 @ 8-10am
Europe (CET) Jan 16 @ 1-3am Jan 16 @ 9-11am
China (CST) Jan 16 @ 8-10am Jan 16 @ 4-6pm
Australia (AET) Jan 16 @ 11am – 1pm Jan 16 @ 7-9pm

The Tong-Shi’s Renewal event runs January 16 – February 6, giving players a chance to earn festive rewards by completing daily tasks and claiming login rewards. You’ll get Red Bags that can be gifted to your friends, with rewards given for both opening and sending the bags. You can also get Tseym, which can be turned in for additional rewards, along with contributing towards server-wide milestones that reward all players with battle points. Anyone who contributes 88 Tseym will also get a random Diablo Immortal legendary item.

The Diablo Immortal season nine battle pass, Wicked Wanderer, begins on January 19 and ends on February 16. As usual, it includes 40 ranks of challenges and rewards, with Diablo Immortal legendary gems, crests, hilts, and more on offer. You’ll also be able to get an empowered battle pass for additional rewards, should you wish.

Diablo Immortal update - 'Wicked Wanderer' cosmetic set from the season nine battle pass

Also coming is a change to how legendary equipment works – you’ll no longer be able to salvage it at the Blacksmith, and must instead extract its essence. This grants you the same upgrade materials you would have earned previously, but will also increase your overall power as you find duplicate legendary items. The first extraction of an item will grant both upgrade materials and legendary essence.

Subsequent extractions will increase your essence mastery level, which enhances the power of all your legendary attributes – applying damage bonuses, cooldown reduction, or other beneficial effects. These extractions will become more difficult each time you use a particular legendary item until you can no longer extract energy from it. You can view your essence mastery level and bonuses at Zamina in Westmarch.

Dungeons can now be matched cross-server, making it easier to find companions on your adventures. The dungeon party finder will search other servers if it cannot fill the party from your own server. Players may also invite players from other servers to join directly. There are also some quality of life improvements for Immortals and a new first-come, first-served system to apply to join the Shadows faction after a new Cycle of Strife begins.

Here’s everything else in the latest Diablo Immortal update, along with returning events and all 36 new legendary items introduced with the patch:

  • Fractured Plane limited-time event is available January 16 – February 6.
  • Hungering Moon limited-time event is available February 2-6.
  • The new Lineage of Beasts cosmetic set can be purchased from the in-game shop for 1,000 Eternal Orbs.
  • All dungeons will now drop a guaranteed set item after many dungeon completions in a row that did not result in a set item being dropped. Dungeons boosted by the Codex have a lower threshold before a guaranteed set item is dropped.
  • The Treasure Hunter paragon tree has been updated to remove the restriction of outdoor areas from the Treasure Find, Gold Find, and Lucky specialisation skills.
  • When a Battleground season ends, players will now receive a summary of their previous Battleground season the first time they talk to the Battleground Captain.
  • Converting an Adventurer Clan to a Dark Clan will now only cost five Akeba’s Signets.
  • Two new sets of Resonance Wings have been added at the Resonance milestones of 2,000 and 4,000.

Diablo Immortal update - 'Lineage of Beasts' cosmetic armour set

New Diablo Immortal Legendary Items – January 15


Blizzard says, “These new Legendary Items are meant to help the Barbarian focus on Wrath of the Berserker and Whirlwind, while leaning on existing Bleed attacks to increase your damage further.”

  • Bitterwind (Main Hand): Whirlwind now draws on the power of the wind to deal increased damage, while no longer reducing your Movement Speed.
  • Horns of Harrogath (Head): During Wrath of the Berserker, slaying enemies increases your damage dealt by 1% for six seconds, up to a maximum of 10%.
  • Loathsome Lamina (Shoulders): Wrath of the Berserker also grants you a shield that absorbs damage.
  • Manifold Gore (Chest): Whirlwind damage increased by 10% for each Bleed on the enemy, up to a maximum of 30%.
  • Ram’s Impasse (Pants): Furious Charge now causes you to drag enemies with you, but its maximum charges are now two.
  • Sundered Legacy (Off-Hand): Wrath of the Berserker now causes nearby enemies to Burn.


Blizzard says, “For the Crusader, these new Legendary Items focus on Condemn and empowering your primary attacks.”

  • Akarat’s Rebuke (Chest): Condemn now fills your soul with Valor’s Retribution for six seconds, causing every Primary Attack to unleash a lightning bolt at your target, dealing damage to all nearby enemies.
  • Akkhan’s Glory (Shoulders): Falling Sword damage increased by 10%.
  • Ammonis Cornua (Head): Shield Charge also grants you 10% increased damage for three seconds.
  • Blinding Wall (Off-Hand): Condemn also unleashes bright light that Blinds enemies for one seconds.
  • Cuisse of Scorn (Pants): Condemn deals 10% increased damage for each harmful effect the enemy suffers from, up to a maximum of 30%.
  • Horn Splitter (Main Hand): Sacred Fire now ignites enemies, Burning them over two seconds.

Demon Hunter

Blizzard says, “For the Demon Hunter, the focus is on utilizing Knife Trap and Knockback Shot for a one-two combo, while gaining additional movement utility through Daring Swing.”

  • Hawra’s Heave-Under (Head): Daring Swing also increases your Movement Speed by 30% for three seconds.
  • The Potboiler (Pants): Knife Trap now places more durable traps that trigger when you take damage.
  • Preferred Instrument (Off-Hand): After using Knockback Shot, your damage is increased by 10% for three seconds.
  • Razorflight (Main Hand): Impale can now be charged, allowing you to throw multiple knives at once.
  • Reverberant Doublet (Chest): Knockback Shot now fires an arrow that Immobilizes enemies.
  • Shredbank (Shoulders): Knife Trap now deals 20% increased damage to enemies suffering loss of control.

Diablo Immortal update - an ornate surface with inset gold and silver spheres


Blizzard says, “For the Monk, the focus is on utilizing Mystic Strike to create moments of bonus damage that can be followed-up with abilities such as Wave Strike.”

  • Arc of the Ascendants (Main Hand): Deadly Reach now also has a 25% chance to make enemies vulnerable, increasing damage taken by 10% for two seconds.
  • Fate Alight (Shoulders): Mystic Strike also causes your next skill used within four seconds to deal 30% increased damage.
  • Gergel’s Familiarity (Pants): Mystic Strike now conjures a spirit ally to charge forward, damaging and slowing enemies in its path.
  • Ordered Obsidian (Chest): Wave Strike now deals 20% increased damage to enemies suffering loss of control.
  • Resurgency (Head): Mystic Allies duration is now increased by 0.4 seconds after defeating an enemy, up to a maximum of four seconds.
  • Willbillow (Off-Hand): Wave Strike now instantly unleashes a large blast of energy that damages enemies within the area.


Blizzard says, “For the Necromancer, the focus is on using Grim Scythe to manipulate damage-over-time effects, concentrating your damage into a single, powerful hit.”

  • Black Cavalcade (Shoulders): Skeletal Mage damage is increased by 5% each time they defeat an enemy, up to a maximum of 30%.
  • Filth Spurns Squalor (Chest): Bone Wall now places a larger ethereal wall that continually damages enemies within and reduces their Movement Speed.
  • Grave Cutter (Main Hand): Grim Scythe now slices enemies in front of you several times, with the final swing inflicting a Bleed.
  • Greathelm of Deflection (Head): Your Command Golem is now linked to you, equally splitting the duration of harmful effects between the both of you.
  • Ravening Silence (Pants): Grim Scythe now triggers all continual damage on the targets it hits, causing them to instantly take the remaining damage.
  • Spite-Fetor (Off-Hand): Soulfire now has a 25% chance to explode on hit, dealing damage to nearby enemies and causing them to Burn.


Blizzard says, “For the Wizard, the focus is on using Lightning Nova to empower your Primary Attacks with Electrocute, further stacking increases to your Primary Attack Speed, while mixing in Teleports for an additional layer of boosted damage.”

  • Charged Stigma (Off-Hand): Electrocute also increases your Primary Attack Speed by 6% for two seconds, stacking up to a maximum of five times.
  • Crushing Weight (Head): Teleport also increases your damage by 10% for three seconds.
  • Galebrinde (Shoulders): Ice Armor also causes your Primary Attacks to decrease enemy Movement Speed by 40% for three seconds.
  • Novel Castigation (Pants): Arcane Torrent also fires tracking missiles that seek out enemies, dealing damage.
  • Ol’ Rustic (Staff): Lightning Nova also increases your Primary Attack Speed by 30% for three seconds.
  • Rampant and Inscrutable (Chest): Lightning Nova now conjures a lightning orb that orbits you, firing chain lightning at your target when you use your Primary Attack.

More details and additional bug fixes can be found on the Blizzard website.

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