Vitaath arrives in Diablo Immortal, and players aren’t ready

New Helliquary boss Vitaath the Shivering Death has joined Diablo Immortal, and her recommended CR has many players wondering when they’ll be ready to face her

Diablo Immortal - Helliquary raid boss Vitaath, the Shivering Death

There’s a new Diablo Immortal boss in town, and her high CR prerequisite has a lot of the RPG game’s players questioning when they’ll be ready to take newcomer Vitaath on. The Helliquary is a raid system that functions as part of the endgame to the Diablo Immortal leveling process. Previously, players have been taking on Lassal the Flame-spun, but there’s quite a jump in recommended combat rating to tackle the new demon.

Vitaath, the Shivering Death arrived in Diablo Immortal on July 2, and some of the game’s most hardcore players have already begun taking her down. However, even some of the fantasy game's better-geared players are balking at the recommended ratings for her higher-tier encounters.

CR, or combat rating, is one of Diablo Immortal’s most important stats and essentially shows at a glance how strong your character is. For comparison, Lassal’s first fight has a fairly reasonable recommended CR of 420, which players should be able to reach around the time they unlock access to the fight. For Lassal’s second difficulty, a much higher CR of 1,250 is recommended, while the third tier recommends 1,640 CR.

Vitaath, however, demands a whopping 2,000 CR – and that’s just for the first tier fight. Vitaath level two asks for 2,450 CR, which some players who have done testing claim is high in the game’s current state even for those willing to spend money. Perhaps most astonishingly, the third difficulty leaps up even more dramatically to a gargantuan 3,465 CR.

It’s important to note that, while gear and legendary gems are key to increasing your CR, your paragon rating also has a hefty impact on the statistic. Increasing that is largely normalised on the server side, meaning that players should all progress through paragon ranks at a roughly equivalent pace, keeping everyone at a similar level week by week. Vitaath is due to be the high-end raid for a month based on Blizzard’s proposed schedule, which might mean that those CR numbers become more attainable with the gradual increase to Paragon ranks as we get closer to the release of the next Helliquary boss.

Nevertheless, many players on the game’s subreddit are expressing their concern that they currently aren’t even close to Vitaath’s initial proposed 2,000 combat rating. User FitPickle2966, who posted the thread and has already defeated the Shivering Death’s first two tiers, says that “the jump from 2,450 CR to 3,465 CR is what made us laugh at the absurdity.”

Another prominent Diablo streamer recently announced their plans to stop making content for Diablo Immortal, as did community site Maxroll. If you’re trying to work your way up to tackle Vitaath yourself, you might want to check out our best Diablo Immortal builds and Diablo Immortal set items to see what your loadout options are.