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Doom Eternal Easter egg is a Resident Evil 2 reference, maybe

It's a mystery, but we have a theory

Among the many, many secrets in Doom Eternal, one Easter egg is a mystery even to the developers. An alligator can be spotted in the sewers of the FPS game, and nobody’s quite sure of the context.

During a secrets of Doom Eternal stream at QuakeCon, Bethesda community managers Neil Gorton and Rob O’Neill, and Higher Power bandmember Max Harper ran through many of the Easter eggs and references in the horror game. Gorton provided further context for most, as Rob played and Harper provided discussion. But in Mission 6, Arc Complex, a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it alligator evades developers on both sides of the pond.

“We were talking to the US team about this stream, and the Easter eggs we’d discovered,” Gorton explained. “And they were like ‘What? An alligator?’, and I’m like ‘Yeah, didn’t you know?’, and they’re like ‘No.'” As yet, nobody involved in development has provided any context or reasoning for the reptilian beast. Harper does provide a compelling theory, though: it’s a Resident Evil 2 reference. Both the original and remake of Resident Evil 2 involve fighting, or rather, escaping from a giant crocodile in the sewers of Raccoon City. Given Doom Eternal and Resident Evil’s shared DNA as horror games, this makes a lot of sense and shall heretofore stand as the unofficial explanation.

To spot the reptile, you’ll need to make your way through Arc Complex, to a point in the sewers where you reach a short platforming impasse. You’ll find the thing lurking underneath one of the platforms, but you’ll need to be quick, because it sinks into the purple goo soon after being spotted.

Here’s a short video of exactly where to find it:

And here’s a clip of the discussion:

You can watch the entire mammoth Twitch stream here. Doom Eternal’s new DLC was revealed to kick off QuakeCon. Frontman of the heavy metal band Matt Heafy joined for some gaming, and to play his cover of Doom’s main theme.