Classic FPS game Doom now runs on Notepad (seriously)

Classic FPS Doom is running in Microsoft Notepad thanks to game developer Sam Chiet, who shared footage of the shooter project that has now gone viral

: Doomguy holding the Microsoft Notepad logo while killing demons

To add to the ever-expanding list of things that can run classic 1993 FPS game Doom, game developer Sam Chiet has managed to get the shooter running, at 60FPS, inside of Microsoft’s Notepad software, because of course Doom has nowhere to go but up.

Chiet’s post about getting Doom to run inside of Notepad has exploded online, so much so that Doom creator John Romero has responded by simply calling the achievement “incredible” – and that’s with good reason. Chiet also says they’ll provide an update “if/when I make it available for download.”

The footage below of Doom running in notepad is not sped up according to Chiet, with Notepad.exe also not having any of its code modified, and it’s fully playable live with “zero fakery” involved.

YouTube Thumbnail

“It’ll take some work to polish NotepadDOOM into something releasable,” says Chiet in a follow up post, “but it’ll almost certainly happen over the next couple days.”

While the image of Doom running in Notepad is naturally a little blurry, it doesn’t lessen the feat of getting the classic FPS to run inside a note taking tool I’d guess most of us don’t use, never mind think could run a shooter in it.

Getting Doom to run in the most unlikely of places has become a bit of a internet tradition, with the almost three-decades old FPS running in a Twitter bot, the ability to run Doom in Doom, and even getting Doom on a GoPro controller. The one-upmanship from developers and the Doom community never ceases to amaze me honestly, and I cannot wait to see where Doom will be running next.

If you want to see more of Chiet’s work, you can follow them on Twitter, or even support them on Patreon to help fund all of their weird, wonderful, and wacky game creations.

Despite being almost 30 years old Doom consistently finds a way into the news cycle, in fact we recently spoke with Trivium’s Matt Heafy who said they’d love to write a Doom soundtrack, calling the opportunity a “lifelong dream”. Doom mod Thatcher’s Techbase also lets you send former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher to hell, and it was played by a former labour leader.