Here’s Doom on a holographic display, so you can literally peek around corners

What if Doom was 3D? Like, really 3D?

What if Doom was 3D? Okay, yes, I know, the original Doom was already an innovator in the world of 3D games, following up on Wolfenstein 3D with the proof that FPS games were here to stay, but I mean actual 3D, in the hologram sense. Well, now developers have gotten Doom running on a holographic display, so you can really check out every corner of E1M1.

Jan Kaiser posted a video of Doom running on a Looking Glass holographic display to Twitter earlier this week, and it’s a pretty impressive showcase of the technology. Looking around the display lets you examine the game world from a load of different angles, so if you’ve walked up to a pillar, as in the video, you can literally peek around it.

I’m not going to pretend to fully understand how a Looking Glass display works, but it apparently projects all its displayed angles out at once – so if two people are looking at the screen at the same time, they’ll each see different angles as appropriate. This Doom prototype was built by German tech company Hapto.

You can see holo-Doom in action below.

In other Doom runs on everything news, we’ve got a pregnancy test, a Game and Watch, a Sega Genesis, a fake version of Windows, a digital camera, a restaurant display system, and 16 billion crabs. Once again, it seems the only thing preventing Doom from running on literally anything is the amount of time it takes to develop a port.