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Here’s Doom on a digital camera

New Canons and old Kodaks can both run it

One more piece of technology has been added to the list of things that can run Doom. Digital cameras, both new and old, can host the FPS game.

Posted on the aptly named ‘It runs Doom’ subreddit, user turtius shares a video of their Canon camera turning on, Ultimate Doom popping up, then being able to use the menu buttons as a controller. The camera is a standard DSLR, model EOS 200D. There’s no sound, actually landing a shot is more than a little awkward, and the framerate leaves quite a bit to be desired, but you can do it.

This isn’t the first time someone’s managed this, either. In 2019, Doom was installed on an old Kodak DC290 Zoom, from 1998, and not only does that version have sound, it has a better framerate too. The performance difference is down to architecture – the Kodak is essentially a mini PC, running a custom port of Doom through a Power PC CPU, and 8MB of ram, whereas the Canon is booting Doom through Magic Lantern, open-source software that lets you customise the camera’s features.

Here’s Doom on the Canon:

Here’s Doom on the Kodak, and a deeper dive into the underlying tech:

Doom on digital cameras, Doom on a McDonald’s cash register, Doom on the Sega Genesis, Doom on a fake version of Windows, Doom on sheep in Minecraft, Doom on a PC in Minecraft. When people aren’t porting it, they’re remaking it. Long may it continue.