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Dragon’s Dogma 2 The Caged Magistrate quest guide

Learn how to complete The Caged Magistrate quest in Dragon's Dogma 2, and what you need to do to convince him to leave his prison cell.

The Arisen is standing outside a sealed gate toward the prison in Dragon's Dogma Caged Magistrate quest.

How do you free Dragon’s Dogma 2’s magistrate Waldhar? This surprisingly complex request from Captain Brant in Vernworth tasks you with liberating a potential ally in the fight against the queen regent. He’s locked up deep within the castle’s prison, and while getting inside shouldn’t be a problem, getting him out is a challenge, as he’s quite content where he is.

So begins a multi-part Dragon’s Dogma 2 quest that requires you to complete another task first. So, if you wish to progress the RPG game‘s main campaign, we’re here to tell you how to get inside the magistrate’s cell and what you need to do to convince him to leave with you.

Waldhar is speaking with the Arisen inside the prison in Dragon's Dogma 2 Caged Magistrate quest. He isn't being cooperative.

How to complete Dragon’s Dogma 2 The Caged Magistrate quest

Captain Brant will give you the Vernworth jail key, which is a master key of sorts for every cell in the prison. Brant will advise you to head to the prison at nighttime. Go to the castle gate and walk to the tower on the far side of the area. You’ll be greeted by a guard outside who will let you in. Descend the stairs to enter a row of cells patrolled by two guards. They’ll ignore you, so just turn to the right as you enter to find Waldhar’s cell. This is the magistrate Captain Brant wishes you to free.

Once you talk to Waldhar, he won’t be very cooperative. He’s quite happy where he is, conducting his research in his cell, undisturbed by the queen regent. However, if you find a library worth his time, you can convince him to join you. Unfortunately, this means you won’t be able to complete this quest for now. However, you can exit the dungeon by heading to the door at the far end and unlocking it, opening a path to a shortcut near the slums.

Kendrick is pondering about a vault during Dragon's Dogma 2 Caged Magistrate quest.

Return to Captain Brant at the pub during nighttime, and he’ll tell you to talk to a wise man named Kendrick. He is in the slums gathering alms for the poor. Give him some gold, and he’ll ask for your aid in finding a young boy named Malcolm. This begins the Dragon’s Dogma 2 The Heel of History quest, and upon finishing it, you’ll get access to a perfectly suitable library. Return to Waldhar’s cell, and he’ll agree to come with you. Exit through the shortcut you unlocked earlier to finish the quest, then return to Captain Brant to get a Ferrystone and 7,000 gold.

Captain Brant has a bunch of Dragon’s Dogma 2 quests for you to finish to progress the story. You likely already have Dragon’s Dogma 2 Monster Culling or Dragon’s Dogma 2 Disa’s Plot on your to-do list, so we can help with those too.