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Disney Dreamlight Valley flowers make foraging a guessing game

Collecting Disney Dreamlight Valley flowers can be awkward at the best of times, but the farming game makes it difficult for some due to colour similarities.

Disney Dreamlight Valley flowers - a woman in overalls by several differently coloured flowers with similar hues

I’m sure most Disney Dreamlight Valley players have spent their fair share of time gathering flowers at this point, whether it’s to fill out that collection, complete certain quests for the roster of Dreamlight Valley characters that hang out in your beautiful town, or to build yourself some snazzy new furniture. It’s an arduous task at the best of times, but it’s made even more awkward thanks to colour similarities that can leave you chasing after the wrong plants in the farming game.

Foraging in Dreamlight Valley can sometimes be one of the more frustrating aspects, especially if you need a lot of a single colour and type of flower. For example, one of Buzz Lightyear’s quests tasks you with building a balloon arch made of various blue and silver balloons, which requires you to pick up 20 each of three different blue flowers.

That’s already a fairly involved request, given that only so many flowers spawn at once and they tend to take a while to come back after you’ve gathered the ones that are there. But it’s made more awkward because it can be quite difficult to tell which colours are which. For example, the blue and white Star Lily flowers have very similar colourings, as do the blue and purple Marsh Milkweeds. The white Marsh Milkweed, meanwhile, is almost a turquoise in colour, meaning it could also be mistaken for blue unless seen in close proximity.

This is also a common problem in the Forgotten Lands – Orange and Red Nasturtium petals are very close in hue, especially when viewed in the shadows that are prominent in the heavily forested area. This just makes the process of finding what you’re actually looking for a little more involved than it needs to be.

A commenter on the Dreamlight Valley Reddit asks whether players are struggling with this, saying, “I swear I picked up three blue Marsh Milkweeds, only for them to be the white variant in my inventory.” They mention that they do struggle slightly with colour perception due to a vision impairment, but don’t have colour blindness.

However, several responses say they have exactly the same problem, and I’ve certainly run into similar issues myself. Another commenter notes that trying to discern between softwood, hardwood, and dark wood is also a big problem, especially once shadows get involved, and I’d agree. My response has been largely the same as theirs: “I just pick everything up and stick it in chests, trying to find dark wood took ten years off my eyesight so now I don’t bother straining too much!”

Thankfully, it looks like your Dreamlight Valley storage chests are in line for an expansion soon. Keep an eye on PCGamesN for all the latest news about the next Dreamlight Valley update release date, as well as a comprehensive guide to all Disney Dreamlight Valley recipes. If working for Remy isn’t enough kitchen chaos for you, check out more of the best cooking games on PC for more places to serve up culinary delights.