Disney Dreamlight Valley update teases way to expand storage

An upcoming Disney Dreamlight Valley update might include additional chest space, as developer Gameloft teases it is planning to expand your storage capacity.

Disney Dreamlight Valley storage - a character shows off their storage room filled with rows of organised, labelled chests

An upcoming Disney Dreamlight Valley update could be about to solve all your storage woes in the life game, as developer Gameloft teases that its planning to expand your storage management options soon. Those of you who’ve been ploughing as much time as I have into upgrading your town and working on your farms to make all those delicious Disney Dreamlight Valley recipes will know how awkward sorting all your stuff can be, so this change would certainly be very welcome.

Currently, most storage in Dreamlight Valley is fairly limited. Your initial storage chest does actually increase in capacity as you expand the size of your house, going up to a full six rows of eight for a total of 48 slots by the time you’ve maxed things out. However, all other chests you can make are capped at their initial two rows, meaning just 16 slots of storage space per chest. Even those lovely golden safes you can get from Scrooge suffer the same 16-slot cap.

Fortunately, it sounds like that might be about to change. Developer Gameloft tweets, “We were wondering… would you like us to add expanded storage management in an upcoming update?” They add the eyes emoji for emphasis, and the poll options are ‘Yes,’ ‘Yes please,’ ‘Absolutely,’ and ‘Other (but yes)’ with increasing exclamation marks, suggesting that this is a mostly rhetorical question and that fans can expect the change soon.

This would be hugely welcome for players who are stocking up on their resources between updates. I’ve currently dedicated a full floor of my house to storage rooms filled with chests, as seen in the feature image for this very article, to keep all my individual items sorted. Not only that, but the current 16-slot limit means you can’t, for example, fit one of each different gem type into a single chest, even if you only keep a single stack of each.

Exactly how this will be implemented is unclear – personally I’d love to see ways to increase the number of slots in each chest, and that seems like the most logical solution. It’s a little sad to look at the full grid of slots shown on the chest menu but have them all unavailable except for the first two rows. Any solution is more than welcome though, and it’s great to see that Gameloft continues to address fan concerns as it continues to work on updates.

We’ll be sure to keep you up to date on the next Dreamlight Valley update release date as we get more details. In the meantime, take a look at how to upgrade your house in Dreamlight Valley for a temporary storage solution. Speaking of houses, find out how to unlock Dreamlight Valley Mirabel quests to reveal the Mini-Casita itself. We’ve also got more of the best cooking games on PC if working for Remy has given you a taste for the kitchen lifestyle.