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How to get Jack Skellington in Dreamlight Valley and pumpkin tree fix

As the Pumpkin King arrives in Dreamlight Valley, here’s how to find him and his matryoshka dolls in the Something Comes A Knocking quest.

A pink-haired player character stands next to Jack Skellington in Dreamlight Valley.

How do you get Jack Skellington in Dreamlight Valley? As part of the The Pumpkin King Returns update, you find yourself on a little treasure hunt of sorts to find Jack Skellington himself and help him cross over to the valley’s realm. But where do you find his matryoshka dolls in the Something Comes A Knocking quest, and what exactly do you do with them when you’ve got them?

The first Dreamlight Valley Rift in Time DLC, Eternity Isle, released on December 5, 2023, alongside the latest Dreamlight Valley Update: The Pumpkin King Returns. Even without the paid expansion, in classic Dreamlight Valley style, there’s loads of new content to enjoy for free. That said, getting the Pumpkin King to arrive in your valley having collected his matryoshka dolls might not be as simple as Gameloft intended. Here’s everything you need to know about how to get Jack Skellington in Dreamlight Valley.

Jack Skellington stands in front of the Plaza Wishing Well in Dreamlight Valley.

How to unlock Jack Skellington in Dreamlight Valley

Unlocking Jack Skellington in Dreamlight Valley is actually very quick and simple once you know what to do. That said, if you’ve had issues triggering or completing the Something Comes A Knocking quest, you’re not alone.

To find Jack Skellington in Dreamlight Valley:

  • Find and pick up at least one matryoshka doll around the valley.
  • Take the doll to Merlin to start the Something Comes A Knocking Quest.
  • Collect the remaining dolls (four in total).
  • Interact with the pumpkin tree in the Forgotten Lands.
  • Insert each doll into the tree.

That’s it! It’s an incredibly simple task once you’ve found the matryoshka dolls lying around the valley. Once Jack has returned, you can then embark on his friendship and story quests, like you do with the other Dreamlight Valley characters in the valley.

Where to find Dreamlight Valley matryoshka dolls

Since the four matryoshka dolls appear in random locations for everyone, we can’t help you find them. However, they’re not buried or particularly hidden, and you should be able to spot the sparkling dolls by walking around each biome. It seems some people are finding two in the plaza, so don’t rule out searching the same biome twice, but we found ours in the Plaza, Peaceful Meadow, Sunlit Plateau and the Glade of Trust.

A pink-haired player character takes a selfie next to the Dreamlight Valley pumpkin tree.

I can’t interact with the pumpkin tree in Dreamlight Valley

The pumpkin tree is a new, unique tree which appears in the Forgotten Lands as part of this quest. To find it, walk around the biome and look at the base of trees for one carved with a jack o’lantern. If you can’t interact with the Pumpkin Tree in Dreamlight Valley, there is a simple fix. Using the furniture function (F on keyboard), move the pumpkin tree to a more open space. We had this problem ourselves, and moving the tree fixed it for us, as well as other people who have suffered the same fate from the randomly generated tree.

It is worth noting that the first time we moved the tree, the option to interact still didn’t appear, so if you still have trouble, make sure the clear area around the base of the tree is quite large, and move other items if you need to.

Hopefully this should solve any problem you have in inviting Jack Skellington back into Dreamlight Valley. Once he arrives, you can place his spooky little house anywhere in the valley to make him feel at home. As with every new Dreamlight Valley update, there are plenty of new things to explore, like new Dreamlight Valley recipes and, thanks to the Rift in Time DLC, even new Dreamlight Valley animals, so use our guide to familiarise yourself with your new surroundings.