Disney Dreamlight Valley pets may soon be pettable

A joke poll suggests Disney Dreamlight Valley pets that you bring on as companions may soon have more ways to interact with you - so yes, you can pet the dog

Disney Dreamlight Valley critters: Fox eating fish

Sure, you can recruit Disney Dreamlight Valley critters as personal companions, but what then? Can you, as the saying goes, pet the dog? Not yet, but from the looks of things, that may be changing – a recent joke poll on the official Dreamlight Valley Twitter account suggests more interactions are coming to the Disney game’s menagerie of animal friends.

“Would you like to be able to interact with your animal companions?” the official Twitter account asks fans, before offering up three selection options that are all versions of “yes.” The last selection is “Yes (in the next update)!”, which strongly suggests that these new interactions are coming pretty soon.

Fans on Reddit are, as you might expect, overjoyed.

The critters you can encounter in Dreamlight Valley include rabbits, squirrels, foxes, sea turtles, raccoons, crocodiles, sunbirds, and ravens, and you can find out all about feeding Disney Dreamlight Valley animals – and how to adopt them as personal companions – in our handy guide.

The official account doesn’t specify what it means by “interact,” but it’s a pretty safe bet that a friendly pet on the li’l head is one of the options. We’ll have to see if there are other interactions available when the next Disney Dreamlight Valley update arrives.