Retro FPS Dusk adds mod support

New Blood made the announcement today

New Blood’s throwback FPS Dusk now has mod support. The shooter is at the fore-front of a wave of projects that use the classic tone and feel of old-school games like Doom and Quake, and then gives it all the smoothness of modern movement and polish. Dusk, then, takes a more horror-inspired slant, with lots of skulls and demonic imagery for your shooty-bang action.

Given the low-poly aesthetic, the game lends itself well to modding and letting players design their ideal map. The original Doom’s community is still pumping out all kinds of strange, unique projects, from completely overhauls, to passion projects, to straight-up memes, and everything in-between. Dusk could see an overlap from some of those creators, while also fostering its own gaggle of dedicated modders and intrepid creatives.

New Blood has set up a handy directory for the mods, too, with a bunch already there to give you some ideas. There’s new levels and enemy packs, like The Lazarus Pit and Trespasser, and some more adventurous self-contained ideas, like a Pirate Ship map, and even the sword from The Witcher 3.

Dusk has been a decent seller for New Blood, company head Dave Oshry proudly announcing when it’d cleared a rather nice 69,420 copies. The Quake-like has done very well in sales, shifting 1,100 copies during a Steam winter sale, then still bringing in around 500 purchases thereafter for some time.

Perhaps with the addition of mods it’ll get to 420,666 copies sold, ending the internet as we know it.

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