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Dying Light 2 should get a “big patch” next week

Techland says a "big patch" for Dying Light 2 should be out next week for PC, addressing deathloop issues, ragdoll animation, and more

A player aims a bow and arrow out into the bright sunlight in Dying Light 2

A significant update is in the works for high-flying zombie game Dying Light 2, which has struggled with a pesky ‘death loop’ patch since launch. Developer Techland says the update will address this problem and more, including weird ragdoll animations and some user interface issues.

If you’re just tuning in, the ‘death loop’ bug pops up when you die during a mission that requires you to stay in a specific area or quickly die. If Aiden is downed, he’ll respawn at a nearby safehouse, but in some cases that’s far from the critical mission area. He’ll die again, respawn, and be locked into a constantly-repeating cycle, making it impossible to start the mission over or progress the game.

Techland has attempted to fix this issue in past patches for Dying Light 2, but it’s proven a tough nut to crack, it seems. Nonetheless, a fix should be coming out sometime “next week,” according to a tweet from the developers. The patch will also address ragdoll animations and make changes to the UI, although the developer doesn’t get into specifics on either count.

The PC edition of Dying Light 2 will get the patch first, with the update hitting consoles “a few days later,” Techland says.

Responding to a player in the thread, the developer also says it’s considered adding a new game+ mode to Dying Light 2, but that “it’s too early to promise anything yet.”

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