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Dying Light 2’s post-launch roadmap confirms multiple paid story expansions

There's more story to come post-launch for Dying Light 2: Stay Human, according to the new roadmap

Lying on the ground inside a huge hall as an enemy with a makeshift electrified hammer stands over you in Dying Light 2

There’s a new roadmap available for Techland’s plans for Dying Light 2, and it includes multiple ‘story DLCs,’ at least one of which is planned for later this year. Additionally, the developer says it plans to add challenges and limited time events “for at least five years” after the Dying Light 2 release date, which is right around the corner.

The rough roadmap published today includes ballpark estimates for when we can expect post-launch Dying Light 2 content to arrive. In February, shortly after the game launches, we’ll see “factions-inspired free DLCs,” which appear to be new costumes for players who want some extra drip.

In March, an initial set of challenges will arrive, which likely will include creative enemy disposal methods and sick parkour trick chains. In April, something called “a series of events” is slated to begin, and that’s going to involve special “mutated infected” – the shambling, formerly human monsters walking the streets are likely to get quite a bit more dangerous when that starts up. A second set of challenges is due in early May.

Whether you spend 20 hours or 500 hours on Dying Light 2’s main story, there’s more of that to come as well. The first paid story DLC expansion is roughed in for the beginning of June on the new roadmap, and Techland says a second is also planned.

The roadmap says we can also expect more weapons, new enemies, additional stories, events, and more free and paid DLC additions to the game over the next five years. If the original Dying Light is any guide, Techland’s likely to be as good as its word.