Dying Light’s Hellraid DLC has been pushed back to August

Techland says it's implementing player suggestions for Hellraid after a beta

The Hellraid DLC for Dying Light has been delayed, but don’t worry: it’s just for a couple weeks. Developer Techland has announced that the expansion will now launch August 13 on PC, and that it plans on making some adjustments based on players’ reaction to the recent Hellraid beta.

Hellraid is a strange but delightful looking piece of DLC that pulls players into a haunted arcade cabinet found in the basement of the Tower in Harran. Inside, they’ll find themselves in a ’90s style dungeon crawler full of skeletons straight outta Stonekeep. Around here, we’re always up for smashing skeleton skulls, and if Dying Light wants to hand us a mace, then so much so the better.

However, it looks as though we’ll have to wait just a bit longer. Originally slated for a July 23 launch, Hellraid is now coming August 13, which is a scant three week delay. In videogame rescheduling terms that’s hardly any time at all, and if Techland needs a little extra time to get a few more features in or bugs squashed, great – it’ll make for better mandible mashing when they’re ready.

The company tweeted the news earlier today:

Dying Light is a classic, but there are plenty of other zombie games we can munch on as we wait for Hellraid to arrive.

We’re eager to hear some news about Dying Light 2, as well.