Dyson Sphere Program gets customisable mecha this month

The Icarus' Evolution update coming to Dyson Sphere Program January 20 adds mecha customisation, new structures, and more

An orange mecha stands between conveyor belts in Dyson Sphere Program.

Time to get out the paint kits, because planetary management game Dyson Sphere Program is adding some new cosmetic options this month. In an update due out January 20, the early access factory game will get customisation options for mecha, as well as some new structures and tools to help manage your stellar superstructures.

The big new feature in the Icarus’ Evolution update is mecha customisation. Developer Youthcat Studio doesn’t go into a tonne of detail about the options you’ll have for your in-game mecha, but says that you will be able to change its appearance – possibly with new skins, colour schemes, decals, and more. We’ll find out when the update arrives.

The update will also include some new structures to use for planetary exploitation, including the advanced mining machine and something called a proliferator. We don’t know exactly what either of these things does, but safe to bet that the advanced mining machine extracts more complex materials from your planets, and the proliferator is something that makes a number go up quickly.

The update has a cute, if somewhat cryptic, teaser trailer:

YouTube Thumbnail

Another nice new feature coming in this month’s update is a blueprint system for Dyson sphere structures, which will make them much easier to duplicate across the galaxy.

Our Dyson Sphere Program beginner’s guide can help get you started, and check out our guide to titanium mining when you’re ready to expand to more planets.