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Best EA FC 24 LB players for career mode

Here are the best left backs to sign in EA Sports FC 24 based on overall rating as well as defending skill to ensure you can block any attack.

Who are the best LB players in EA Sports FC 24? EA Sports FC 24 left backs are an essential part of your squad, primarily there to stop attacking runs from attackers. Picking the best LB players can be tricky as need to look for good defending stats and balance them with physicality ratings like stamina and strength. The end goal is to have a rock-solid back line, one that’s as comfortable defending corners, as it is shutting down attackers as they make runs towards goal.

If you’re looking for the best LB players to sign in EA Sports FC 24, you’re in luck. We’ve worked through player ratings, filtering out defenders until we’re left with the absolute best. These won’t include Heroes, like those that feature in Ultimate Team, instead looking at current players that are available for you to purchase. We’ll give you a list of the ten best LB players, before going into detail on what makes the top five picks so special. If you’re looking for help on the other side of the pitch instead, we have a guide on the best RB players.

FC 24 best LB players to sign

Below you’ll find a list of the very best left backs to sign in EA Sports FC 24. We’ve based this on overall player rating, and have included players who primarily play in the LB position. You’ll find their ages, defending ratings, overall ratings, and the clubs that they play for.

Name Age Club DEF rating OVR rating
Fridolina Rolfö 29 Barcelona 83 87
Andrew Robertson 29 Liverpool 81 86
João Cancelo 29 Barcelona 80 86
Selma Bacha 22 Lyon 79 86
Sakina Karchaoui 27 PSG 79 86
Theo Hernández 25 AC Milan 78 85
Marcos Acuña 31 Sevilla 81 85
Katie McCabe 28 Arsenal 81 85
Lisa Boattin 26 Juventus 81 84
Hannah Blundell 29 Manchester United 83 83

Now, let’s go into more detail on the top five players in our list of best left back players in EA Sports FC 24. We’ll include some info on each player’s value, as well as a look at specific areas where they shine in terms of stats.

Fridolina Rolfö

Fridolina Rolfö has one of the highest strength ratings in EA Sports FC 24. This makes her perfect for thwarting corner opportunities and for backing down attackers as they try to slip past.

Andrew Robertson

You can pick up Andrew Robertson for £51,000,000, and he’s a great pick if you’re looking for a left back to place in your squad. He’s primarily known for his stamina, but don’t worry, he’s a solid choice across the board.

João Cancelo

If you want to add Joäo Cancelo to your team, you need to pay a hefty signing fee of £51,000,000. He’s well worth it though, with great stamina and the ability to effectively intercept passes.

Selma Bacha

Bacha is a great pick for those looking for a defender with top tackling talent. She’s rated 87 for sliding tackles and 84 on standing challenges. Not only that, but Bacha has one of the highest stamina stats in EA Sports FC 24, so with the right training program, you’ll be able to keep her on the pitch for a constant stretch of matches.

Sakina Karchaoui

Finally, we have Sakina Karchaoui, who really thrives when making a standing tackle. What she lacks in strength she makes up for in dribbling agility, able to get past the best FC 24 midfielders with ease. She’s absolutely rapid, so if you’re playing more of an offensive formation, she can slot in nicely into your attacking plays.

Those are the best left backs to sign in EA Sports FC 24. Sign any of the players in this article and you’ll be on your way to trophies, fame, and fortune. Ratings are subject to change as time goes on, especially in Ultimate Team, so stay tuned for updates. If you’re looking for help with fostering a great team that’ll grow over multiple seasons, check out our look at EA Sports FC 24 Wonderkids. Elsewhere, find out all of the EA Sports FC 24 stadiums that feature in the football game this year.