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Huge Elden Ring Convergence mod arrives with 24 pages of changes

The Elden Ring Convergence alpha is here, giving the upcoming FromSoftware DLC a run for its money as a modding team is rewriting the entire open-world game.

Enormous Elden Ring Convergence mod arrives with 24 pages of changes

While we wait for the Elden Ring DLC, plenty of excellent modders have been giving us great content for FromSoftware’s open-world game, and now the team behind what may very well be the most significant and game-changing Dark Souls 3 total conversion has released the Alpha for its next project, Elden Ring Convergence, and the changes are endless. If the Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree release date wait is making you hungry, The Convergence is an Elden Ring mod that’s an absolute feast.

Elden Ring: The Convergence blends a mammoth amount of quality-of-life fixes for FromSoftware’s most recent game with new spells, gear, weapons, and bosses in an effort to not only improve some of the flow and mechanics, but turn The Lands Between into an entirely new experience.

We may only be in the alpha for Elden Ring Convergence, but the development team has already released a 24-page document filled with game system changes, progression changes, remixed and new classes, boss changes, map edits, weapon value changes, and much more.

Enormous Elden Ring Convergence mod arrives with 24 pages of changes

The easiest way for me to explain exactly what the team behind the Elden Ring Convergence mod is doing, and has already done with Dark Souls 3, is like this: imagine Dark Souls 2 Scholar of The First Sin dialed to 11, with almost every core mechanic of the game remixed and enhanced.

Some of the changes in The Convergence are small, offering up some quality-of-life fixes ahead of the Elden Ring DLC, like getting the Spectral Steed Whistle from the very start for Torrent, starting with three spell slots, and changes to area scaling so the game better reacts to your progression in the open-world.

Then there’s the nitty gritty, and I’m barely scratching the surface here. You can pick between almost 30 starting Elden Ring classes with completely new starting builds, while the mod team has also added new boss animations and moveset adjustments, a colossal number of new weapon animations and strategies, while all armour has had its poise increased and weight reduced, with new “passive effects” given to them as well.

Enormous Elden Ring Convergence mod arrives with 24 pages of changes

This is just the tip of the iceberg, as a 24-page Google Doc outlines the minutiae of every single change, letting you see exactly what you’re in for with the Elden Ring Convergence mod. The staggering part is that this is just the alpha release, meaning you can still expect a beta and full release down the road, with Dark Souls 3 The Convergence here to tide you over after you play the alpha until it’s done.

PCGamesN has also reached out to the development team’s creative lead Paul “CouchJockey” Gooch to learn more about what to expect from the Elden Ring Convergence alpha and beyond, so keep it locked right here for that.

In the meantime, an Elden Ring DLC LinkedIn post seems to indicate that the expansion has been in development at FromSoftware for some time. We’ve also got everything you’ll need to know about the Souls-like studio’s latest, from the most rewarding Elden Ring quests to the best Elden Ring builds in The Lands Between.