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Massive Elden Ring DLC mod comes for FromSoftware’s crown

This Elden Ring DLC mod is massive, and gives the open-world game Dark Souls 3 and Bloodborne assets ahead of FromSoftware's Shadow of the Erdtree release date.

Massive Elden Ring DLC mod comes for FromSoftware's crown

Despite the Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree release date still being a pipe dream, plenty of fan-made Elden Ring mods are being made that add as much content as a full DLC. While the open-world game just turned one, it’s still feeling fresh thanks to a litany of excellent modders, and this DLC-sized piece of work is no exception. Oh, and there’s also a cheeky bit of Bloodborne in there too.

The Elden Ring DLC-sized Eldenlands mod already makes the fantasy game more like an MMO, but now modder GiocatoreSingolo (what a name!) has created the Elden Ring – Unofficial Expansion mod with the help of many others, and it is brimming with changes and new additions – including Dark Souls 3 and Bloodborne equipment.

The Elden Ring DLC mod “attempts to stay true to the vanilla experience while still trying to be fun with quantity,” which sounds an awful lot like what FromSoftware will do with Shadow of the Erdtree.

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Elden Ring DLC mod – Unofficial Expansion

There is an absolute metric ton of changes and additions in this Elden Ring DLC mod, so we’ve listed everything below.

  • 50 new weapons
  • 30 pieces of armor
  • Two new maps (Bononia, City of The Porch, through Divine Tower of Liurnia; Tarneria, Hegemon Town, through Divine Tower of East Altus)
  • Two altered maps (Divine tower of Limgrave; Ashen Capital)
  • Marginally edited summons
  • Altered level curves (HP, stamina, FP, equip load, resistances, defence all grow slightly different; you can easily abuse the system, probably)
  • 17 new classes
  • Unlocked Ashes of War
  • Attempt at boosting Flasks
  • Larger FOV in no combat time
  • Health bar scales for higher HP, so in the endgame, the bar will be shorter than usual (you are expected to go NG+)
  • Faster map cursor
  • Faster respawn times
  • New merchants (at Roundtable Hold), one for flasks upgrades, one for partial sword arts, and one that sells magic, all sword arts, all ashes
  • Altered Craftables: all my new equipment is available there
    Craftable key items to progress through the game without wasting time
  • Longer-lasting grease
  • Boosted the effectiveness of several talismans
  • RADIANT BALDACHIN’S BLESSING is now an item that boosts poise but lowers defence, stamina recovery, attack power. Unlimited, craftable
  • Armors and weapons have special effects, check their description for more
  • I might have altered Goldmask’s dialogue
  • Additional Sites of Grace
  • Faster Torrent
  • Bloodborne Dash
  • Eclectic game progression (at certain points of the game you’ll unlock multiple Sites of Grace, letting you approach the game in an unconventional way while still not altering natural game progression)
  • Minor additional items (available at Unknown Merchants)

It should also be noted that this mod contains a lot of other mods, placed into one neat package. The Dark Souls 3 and Bloodborne equipment was imported by GiocatoreSingolo themselves, however. “I would consider this mod early access, unrefined and incomplete mod. I plan to expand and perfect this Expansion with patches and thematical updates,” they add.

You can install the Elden Ring DLC mod for free right now, but be sure to check out the mod description, as it looks like it may get a bit tricky.

While we wait for the RPG game’s official DLC, you’ll want to brush up on the best Elden Ring spells and best Elden Ring builds, as both will take you very far into the Elden Ring DLC.