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Ambitious Elden Ring mod to create living, breathing world to explore

This upcoming Elden Ring mod wants to use real-world time mechanics, roaming enemies, and endless randomized quests to keep you busy.

Elden Ring mod Grimrukh

I can’t get enough of modders flipping the script with big games. The upcoming Fallout London is essentially fan-made DLC, and there are so many Dark Souls conversions that they’ll make your head spin. There are a handful of Elden Ring mods like this, with The Convergence being one of the biggest, but now a dedicated Dark Souls modder is reinventing FromSoftware’s latest, and it sounds like a totally different game with real-time mechanics, roaming enemies, and more. It’s essentially making The Lands Between into a living world, and it sounds incredible.

With the Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree release date now set, we’re all looking for ways to fill our time with soulslike games. You could replay Dark Souls, Bloodborne, Sekiro, or any number of games inspired by FromSoftware’s work, but nothing beats a great Elden Ring mod. To that end, one modder who’s been working on a colossal Dark Souls mod that essentially wants to act as a 1.5 release, is now taking a swing at a big Elden Ring project too.

Modder ‘Grimrukh’ has been working on Dark Souls Nightfall – a comprehensive remix mod that wants to feel like an entirely new experience – for some time, but now they’re also putting out an Elden Ring project.

Originally called Elden Ring: After the Shattering, but now undergoing a name change due to another mod having the same name, this mod wants you to “relive the quest to become Elden Lord as different factions fight for control of the Lands Between in real-time.”

According to Grimrukh the entire world of The Lands Between will update at 5am every day, with dozens of enemy factions roaming, fighting one another, and forming alliances depending on their needs. You’ll be able to pick sides, take command of one of seven shardbearer factions, and even attack strongholds across the world. As a free mod, this will certainly be cheaper than the Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree Collector’s Edition, that’s for sure.

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“Enemies, treasure, traps, and more can spawn absolutely anywhere in both the overworld and dungeons — not just in familiar positions,” Grimrukh explains, adding “Enemies patrol anywhere, Runebears create their own new dens, and dragons can swoop out of the sky at any time,” with all of these moving every single day.

Some enemies will even hold grudges, just like the orcs in the Middle-Earth games. Grimrukh gives examples such as factions sending assassins after you, or a soldier stealing something from you and traveling halfway across The Lands Between with it.

There are also going to be endless quests, seemingly similar to the ones that reappear in games like Skyrim. So you’ll be able to constantly go on monster and treasure hunts, along with dungeon time attacks, limited equipment dungeon challenges, and even boss rush gauntlets.

The bosses themselves will be “much, much harder” too, as Grimrukh says you’ll need to complete quests in the boss area to unlock unique followers to help you with fights, who you can then equip with weapons you’ve found, like a Bethesda companion.

The mod should be coming out in May, as Grimrukh says they’re taking a short break from Dark Souls Nightfall to make it for Mike ‘Lobosjrgaming’ Villalobos as part of St. Jude month. Lobos adds that the mod will also be made public.

If you’re looking at diving back into The Lands Between for Grimrukh’s new mod alongside The Shadow of the Erdtree DLC, we’ve got all you need with the best Elden Ring builds, and a guide to all the Elden Ring classes too.

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